How to make WoW look better

Some small graphics changes to make your WoW experience look much better.

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Jellzy3701d ago

Although i dont play WoW, a few of my friends do, and it would've been nice if they included some screenshots for comparison.

Anyway pretty interesting that parameters guides are still being used to push the graphics on PC games.

3701d ago
jerethdagryphon3701d ago

redo the textures by taking good ones from existing games or making your own high res ones

Droid3701d ago

#1 way:

Play PoS3 for a little while first.

harrisonxxi3701d ago

Contrary to most gamers opinions, wow graphics are fine. They let people play the game on one of the largest varieties of hardware for a mainstream game available today. Unlike things like AOC which hamstrung itself by limiting itself to a very small select group of users. TBH there is no reason to increase the graphics capacity in wow, and the game looks fine as it is at high resolutions on large screen monitors.

yamamoto1143701d ago

This has been posted and reposted about a dozen times on this site. I was expecting a diatribe by a jaded journalist explaining what Blizzard could technically do to improve the looks of the title without taxing today's modern machines. Instead I see this macro full of commands I've been using for the last year.

Not news.