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Vertical scrolling shooters and bullet hell games are very popular, but they have a niche audience. These games require precision, patience, tactical maneuvers, fast reflexes, and memorization. Games like Capcom’s 1942 and Treasure’s Ikaruga each were masterful and well known titles in the genre. Another series with much renown is the Raiden franchise which began in 1990. It was impossible to enter an arcade years ago without seeing someone play Raiden. 26 years later sees the release of Raiden V on the Xbox One. The question is… how has the franchise aged over the past 2 decades.

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shaun mcwayne1821d ago

For me the price is a bit high on this game, but I will pick it up if it gets a good discount, I like these style of games like 1943.

MaxCompiler1821d ago

Probably i'll wait for a sale

Deathdeliverer1821d ago

I love Raiden games and always have. There's no way you can justify a full $60 price tag for one in this day and age though. A part of me wants to say Raiden has never been full price but I can't remember.