Team Ninja’s PS4 Exclusive NiOh Gets Tons of Direct Feed Screenshots; Shows Weapons, Monsters & More

Today Koei Tecmo released a large batch of direct feed screenshots of the upcoming PS4 exclusive NiOh by Team Ninja, that will get a beta in August.

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myopt1826d ago

PS4 and Windows10 EXCLUSIVE, oppss wrong game and console LMAO

dp2774071826d ago

Do you know if this game has a release date and if so what is it. I got excited when i thought we were gonna do the whole brand thing instead of the "box doesn't count".

myopt1826d ago

there is a demo coming out in august and the release date is still this year, probably november or it will get delayed to early 2017

Sunny_D1826d ago

Oh man I wish I got to try the demo that was out for this game. But, by the time I got to it, the demo had expired. :(

FullmetalRoyale1825d ago

Good thing there is another demo coming, down the line! :)
I'm really looking forward to seeing what they've changed/improved in the game since last time I played it.

tanukisuit1825d ago

Yes, this August another demo is dropping.

Andreas-Sword1826d ago

Nioh looks very good. A very good mix of Dark Souls and Onimusha. A perfect game!
Day 1!