PS3 still lowest-risk Blu-ray player writes "Like a box of Cracker Jack, the PlayStation 3 has a little prize inside. Within every PS3 gaming console comes the world's most advanced, most affordable Blu-ray Disc player.

That was true a year ago, too. As long as it remains true, though, Blu-ray has no shot at overtaking DVD as the preferred spinning-disc movie player in the home.

Remember, most people dial a technological 911 when told they must add a simple converter box to their analog television before next year's government-mandated changeover to all-digital signals. You think they're going to wrestle with a PS3, a computer mutant, then spend $30 for a Blu-ray movie they already have on DVD?"

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TheDeadMetalhead3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

It's nice that the PS3 has a Blu-Ray Player (and the best one on the market at that), but is the Blu-Ray Player really helping right now?

Let's face it. People aren't going to spend money to upgrade their technology until they absolutely have to in order to stay up-todate.

My point here is that the PS3's Blu-Ray Technology is very ahead of it's time. Which means that it's going to be expensive. And THAT means that people aren't going to want to buy it because, as I stated above, people want to get the ABSOLUTE MOST out of their current technology. It won't be until DVD finally dies off that more people are going to want a Blu-Ray Player / PS3.

So now the question is, when is that going to happen? I'd say that when Microsoft discontinues the 360 (whenever they decide to do so), then they will most likely implement a Blu-Ray Player into the Xbox 720 so that they can keep up with the PS3/PS4.

And THAT'S when we'll see spikes in Blu-Ray sales. Because all of the major Technology companies will start discontinueing their DVD Players in place for Blu-ray (Microsoft being one of those companies).

Then, people will either have to upgrade or be left behind.

SL1M DADDY3750d ago

First to the market with the newest tech is going to be expensive at first. Given that Sony says the PS3 is in a ten year cycle, it is obvious that they knew their tech was going to cost up front. After long, it will be less expensive. Given that the digital mandate is not until next year, we have already seen the PS3 price drop. People are really getting a taste of HD and upconverted DVD's is not kicking it for many. In the end, Sony gambled with their new console and they were spot on. They hit the target and the future shows little concern on their part. Their console is a bit future proof when it comes to movie playback and gaming.

As for cost, I remember paying over 200 bucks for my Atari 2600 back in the early 80's. What is that in today's exchange? 600 bucks at least...

Idonthatejustcreate3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

It's the PS3 blueray games that are selling like crazy contributing to the massive growth of the PS3 and Sony. The PS3 doesn't need the blueray movies because it still grows fast enough without them. But when the majority of tv owners have a HD-tv and the blueray has been shifted to the standard format to have content on,it's first then we will see how the DVD9 is concidered ancient technology and people are used to have blueray quality all the time.

The good thing with blueray is that it works exactly as the DVD9 so it's not as far step as the change from floppy disks to the DVD was acouple of years ago. People will get a hang of it much quicker and we will be seeing some huge changes in extra content and behind the scenes footage which will now be fitted on the Blueray movie disc instead of an additional dvd9 disc. Who wouldn't want to see some extra footage of that blockbuster movie you just saw at 1080p HD?

It's all about to change for the better =)

Tacki3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

"So now the question is, when is that going to happen? I'd say that when Microsoft discontinues the 360 (whenever they decide to do so), then they will most likely implement a Blu-Ray Player into the Xbox 720 so that they can keep up with the PS3/PS4."

I really have to wonder if Microsoft will go the Bluray route with their next console. When you think about it they'd almost be 'sleeping with the enemy' by adopting the format. I think it's very possible that they could be forced into it though. We're just now seeing developers with some issues from regarding the DVD format. Such as Rockstar's Dan Houser and his remarks about the difficulty of fitting GTAIV onto a single DVD disc. Or John Carmack's more recent comments on how the Xbox 360 version of Rage will look worse than the PS3 version because of DVD and Microsoft's royalty fees on extra discs. Obviously these problems are not yet widespread... but games certainly aren't going to get smaller as time goes on. How much this will affect this generation of consoles remains to be seen... but it should have a much greater influence on the next.

That being said... Microsoft claims that digital downloads are the future. Which makes me wonder what steps they'd take with the '720'. Honestly though, to me their actions don't seem to indicate they're very firm in their stance. First with their attempt to adopt HD-DVD and again with the size limit they've placed on developers with downloadable games. Meanwhile Sony's actually taken it further by offering full next-gen titles for download over PSN, including Burnout Paradise, Siren: Blood Curse, Warhawk, and upcoming games such as Wipeout HD and SOCOM: Confrontation.

When I look at all of these things it just makes me very unsure of what to expect from Microsoft. They seem hesitant to commit fully to DD, yet I have a hard time imagining them accepting Bluray.

Gazman3750d ago

Man, I am going to have to get a second job, owning all 3 consoles does have one down side

TheDeadMetalhead3750d ago

So true.

I'm trying to get a Top 10 Contributor Ranking this month so I can get some money.

You could say that that's my second job. But technically it's my first because my "first job" is learning how to design video games XD

juuken3750d ago

Keep in mind it's *also* a gaming console. :)

But other than that, it's technologically advanced, and people are always looking for the next best thing.

That, my friends is the Playstation 3.

TheDeadMetalhead3750d ago

There's 2 types of consumers when it comes to technology.

1. The type who wants the next best thing as soon as possible (In this case, the Blu-Ray Owners)

2. The type who try to hold out on buying the next best thing as long as they can (In this canse, the DVD Owners)

Once all of the major Technology companies shift over to Blu-Ray more, then that's when we'll see the Blu-Ray sales really take off.

Technology has evolved once again. Just like VHS to DVD. Now it's DVD to Blu-Ray. :)

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Draperc3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Hmm, I am a gangster seems kinda pissed, I think this might have something to do with it.

I wonder if he's gotten it fixed yet?

EDIT: @ juuken below have a bubble.

juuken3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

...Are you okay?
You sound a bit....psychotic there.
Did Sony representatives rape you or something?

Oooooh, so that's why you're angry! The RROD of doom killed your 360!

Lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooo! It's okay man...the option of buying a PS3 is still there. :]

You're an idiot.

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Amp3750d ago

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juuken3750d ago

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Amp3750d ago

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Owner360-PS33750d ago

I wonder how many dummies will open there ps3 looking for the prize now :)

Pixel_Addict3750d ago

First of all the author's claim that the PS3's fan is 'loud' is an utter lie. My PS3 is whisper quite and so are my friends. I smell a fraud.

Eddie201013750d ago

Lets create a tittle that makes people think we have something good to say so we can then give our negative fanboy oppinion.

nbsmatambo3750d ago

exactly wat i noticed... "luggish and loud, its fan noise like a windstorm on the Mojave"

wtf lol??

i think he is mistaking it for a certain other console ^.^

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