Why Xbox One S Drops Native Kinect Support

Why Xbox One S drops native Kinect support as we reached out for an official statement from Microsoft on why the once highly pushed device has been sidelined for the slim version of their current generation console.

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Null19801819d ago

That's good that they're offering Kinect adaptors for free, for the people that want them. How far they have come from their original vision that Xbox One IS Kinect though!

slate911819d ago

Because these new boxes are the new direction and phil spencer's new vision for xbox.

TheColbertinator1819d ago

Glad its gone. Kinect blew and its games too.

A toast to stupid motion gimmicks.

BumpFrankie1819d ago

I was never a fan of Kinect either. Good riddance in my opinion. Kinect was the sole reason I didnt buy an Xbox One at launch, but when Phil released a version without Kinect I got it the day it came out.

GoldPunch-TR1819d ago

Kinect absolutely great technology. Bad to hear that.

Ashby_JC1819d ago

Great tech but severely under utilized.

Strikepackage Bravo1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Kinect is great as a voice controlled universal remote. They should just integrate that functionality into the console. They're halfway there with the IR blaster, just need to add the voice recognition.

BumpFrankie1819d ago

They currently are adding that functionality with Cortana being included in the next coming months. All you'll need is a headset plugged into your controller and then you can start giving voice commands.

TheCommentator1819d ago

It wouldn't be expensive to put a mic into the console though, and it would allow you to voice command just like Kinect. Why use a headset and a controller to change the channel or volume of your TV, etc.?

BumpFrankie1818d ago

I agree, wished they would have just put a decent mic right next to that shiny new IR Blaster but the unfortunately didn't. Atlhough it's slightly more inconvenient, at least the capability to do it will be coming soon. Better than nothing.

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