Overwatch is the Shooter Gamers Were Waiting For

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been playing a lot of Blizzard‘s new first-person shooter, Overwatch, and I can confidently say this game is going to shake up the genre in an amazing way. But my Overwatch journey started a long while ago.

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Surt1823d ago

Speak for yourself. At at 90 critic rating and 61 user rating compared to DOOM's 85 critic rating and 82 user rating on metacritic, I'll say DOOM is what FPS players were waiting for.

WellyUK1823d ago

Overwatch has a huge hate train on it though like most big titles now, especially MP games.

Hold_It1823d ago

Lol, please don't use metacritic or any review site to justify what game you prefer or is your favorite. I don't give two damns about Overwatch as it's a blantant ripoff of TF2 and the only "unique" thing it has done is added powers. The game is about as casual as Heroes Of The Storm which is no surprise considering Blizzard's library is aimed at a super casual audience. Always online is a terrible thing to have, as once the plug is pulled on the servers the game is dead forever. You don't need metacritic, IGN, etc to tell you these things.

Overwatch is what the Angry Birds kind of gamers were waiting for, or the anime audience.

Surt1823d ago

Seems like most causal FPS games now a days must have a "super" ability in there.

Majister-Ludi1822d ago

Yea because metacritic is a great indicator for a game lol.

Themba761823d ago

really?? I have the game right now and I still find myself playing bf4.

Goldby1823d ago

sorry i prefer actual shooters, you know, without special abilities. where skill matters more than who your choose to play.

Majister-Ludi1822d ago

Sounds like someone sucks at the game.

X-Ender-XI1823d ago

The game I've been waiting for... Didn't Team Fortress 2 already get a platinum trophy for this genre of shooters?

GhostTurtle1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Im having fun with the game but wtf is this:

"It’s an oddly relieving feeling when you’re losing a match so devastatingly badly that you should be disheartened, but it doesn’t even matter because you’re having fun. It’s the perpetual smile on your face while you’re playing a match with your friends."?

Cant remember a moment where I was getting my ass waxed and "perpetually smiling" at the same time bc playing with friends...

Goldby1823d ago

You sir clearly havent visited a dungeon.

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