Sony's PlayTV: all you need to know

Techradar rounds up all the important news about PS3's new personal video recorder.

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LeShin3750d ago

Ah, I knew you could transfer TV programmes from the PS3 to the PSP! Of course you need to convert the format first, but that's a minor issue.

Seems my "friend" was right :)

Rama262853750d ago

If you can transfer the files to your PSP by just converting them, wouldn't that mean you could also transfer them to like an ipod/iphone as well, after conversion??

dabizo3750d ago

Mine is pre-ordered already with :) cant wait!

MpV353750d ago

Obviously not everything I need to know. Did learn one thing though, about no independent power source, so that was good. It's true we got the video section on the Playstation Store, but everyone can already just walk/drive to a Blockbuster or the millions of other movie rental stores - it's not like the Playstation Store is cheaper. Not everyone has a DVR. I would trade this in a heartbeat and never look back.

Tabasco3750d ago

It will be a while before it comes to North America. And by a while I mean don't hold your breath.