VideoGamer: Borderlands Preview

There's no denying that Borderlands is ambitious. When VideoGamer first saw the game at Games Convention 2007 they were blown away by Gearbox's attempt at making an open-world RPG FPS, complete with four-player co-op. It had gorgeous visuals, an intriguing story, over 500,000 weapons and giant monsters that dwarfed even those seen in Sony's awesome Shadow of the Colossus. It was one of their favourite demos of the show and left them desperate for more.

Game development isn't a quick process though, with the game more than a year from release at this time last year. So, at GC 2008 last month VideoGamer was eager to see how close the game was to completion and if Gearbox had managed to make the game it was so very passionate about 12 months ago.

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kittoo3701d ago

Didnt someone from Gearbox said that Hell'h highway and this are almost finished?