Three new screenshots Colin Mcrae: DIRT

Colin Mcrae without doubt is one of the most well-known and popular rally franchises that is out there. With CMR: Dirt, Codemasters is going to take it's first step onto the next-gen consoles, and as we can judge the screenshots, it might be a pretty nice one.

CMR: Dirt uses the so called 'Neon' engine that has to add even more realism and very eye-catching images to your screen. Check out these three new screenshots of the game.

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power of Green 5437d ago

I glad PS3 titles are starting to look like nex-gen titles and not PS2 games like that MotoStorm.

power of Green 5437d ago

MS xbox using Sony & company tech lol. Watch it be a 360 port useing Sony tech. lol

InMyOpinion5437d ago

Where's Rallisport Challenge 3?

CG5437d ago

Thats the first time i've seen a lotus elise & audi TT rally car!!

DJ5437d ago

Sony's technology running on Microsoft's console. I'll wait until I see this game in motion before making any final judgments, but so far it looks beautiful.

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