Microsoft Explains How Scorpio Will Still Be The Most Powerful Console Despite Releasing In 2017

The Xbox One Scorpio, when it was announced at E3, appeared truly astounding. As Microsoft rattled off the specs for the console, it became clear that they had managed to build a beast of a machine.

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kenwonobi2953d ago

I like to hear that. However Sony always pulls a cat out of the bag. Often times Xbox is not prepared at the size of the cat.

Satou2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I'm hoping it's that PS4-Neo has specs above the reported 4.14 TFLOPS, so we get some updated graphics in addition to the 60fps bump.

4.6+ TFLOPS would be so damn nice.

They did something like that with PS4 reporting it only had 4GB GDDR5 and then releasing with 8GB at launch. MS was not ready for that.

marquisray2953d ago

That only means sony will have to raise the price and also they will have to make another system after the neo to compete lol

Satou2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Lol, yeah, that might make MS adjust the Scorpio before launch. I think Neo at 4.6 TFLOPS would be pretty reasonable for MS to stick with their 6 TFLOPS though, and not delay the console's release. I might buy both, but I'm more concerned about PS4-Neo's power. And the price increase is no object to me.

NewMonday2953d ago

MS don't have a devkit yet, the specs are just a target for now, and it will only release a full year after Neo is established and will be more expensive with no exclusives. PS2 vs Xbox all over again.

2953d ago
BattleAxe2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )


"MS don't have a devkit yet, the specs are just a target for now, and it will only release a full year after Neo is established and will be more expensive with no exclusives. PS2 vs Xbox all over again."

Actually I think the opposite of what you are saying is true. Developers know that a 6 Tflop system is coming, so even if the PS4 Neo releases this year, they will probably continue to make games across the Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4 and PS4 neo all pretty much the same, while adding some performance advantages to the PS4 Neo versions. Developers will not make the PS4 Neo the 'new standard' Hardware to develop games on, because they know that Scorpio is coming, and will be able to achieve far more with 6 Tflops of power.

This was possibly a huge tactical mistake on Sony's part, and likewise, it was a major tactical play on Microsoft's part. If PS4 Neo releases this fall, it is essentially competing against the Xbox One S, which despite being smaller, having a 4K Bluray drive, 2 TB hard drive and an IR blaster, it's essentially the same console as the original Xbox One, but it's cheaper to produce.

Microsoft has managed to refresh the Xbox One, without any major upgrades to the GPU, CPU or Memory. It will compete head to head with a far more powerful PS4 Neo, and yet, they will do pretty much the same things especially when it comes to 4K video playback, which is how Microsoft will be marketing the XBOX One S.

PS4 Neo will be old news when Xbox Scorpio arrives, since it will be capable of 'native' 4K gaming. I can imagine it now, watching Digital Foundry, as they compare the 4k version of a game to the PS4 Neo's 1080p version of the same game. Even if a developer chooses to make their game at a native 1080p on Xbox Scorpio, with 6 Tflops, there's going to be way more detail in the Scorpio version over the Neo version, it's not even debatable, it's just the facts.

This puts Sony in a very precarious position. If they've released the PS4 in Nov 2013, and then release the Neo in Nov 2016, and then Microsoft blows them out of the water one year later in Nov 2017, there's no way that Sony will release another console within 2 years of the Scorpio's launch, since that would mean that Sony would have had 3 completely different console upgrade iterations within just 6 years.

Meanwhile, with Microsoft releasing the Xbox Scorpio in Nov 2017, they will have had a 4 year span between major console upgrades from 1.31 Tflops with the Xbox One (S), to 6 Tflops with Xbox Scorpio. Since it is hard to believe that Sony would release another console year or two after Xbox Scorpio, developers will have had at least 3 years with Xbox Scorpio before the PS5 even hits the store shelves.

It is during this time period that Xbox Scorpio will become the defacto developers choice, and during this time, the PS4 Neo will be chugging away with it's 4 Tflops just in an attempt to keep up with Xbox Scorpio. Scorpio will essentially be the return of the Xbox 360 in terms of it's dominance with multi-platform games in particular. PlayStation is now in a situation where their consoles will be mid-generational in nature. Microsoft's timing couldn't have been better.

Even if Sony waits another year to release Neo along side Scorpio, just so that their new 'premium' console competes with Microsoft's new premium console, the power difference is too great, and they will be behind the entire next generation. Sony is in a pickle, that's for sure.

Babadook72953d ago

Ok. Absolutely no one has reported 4.14 lol

UltimateMaster2953d ago

Everyone here is talking specs as if it will matter that much.
Exclusive games, that you cannot find on a PC is what will sell a console.
Right now, the PS4 has tremendously more exclusives than the Xbox One, not only that, but any Windows 10 PC can play those same games.
The PS4 already has the biggest install base which means it's the place to play Multi-player.
Don't get me wrong, I do think higher specs is a plus, but ultimately it's the games that are more important.

jznrpg2953d ago

4.14 and 4.6 isnt much difference

dcbronco2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Great comment Gumby. Imaginary bubble for you. You too Battleaxe.

LastcenuryRob2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I don't think the head of Xbox at the time cared that Sony doubled the ram...He and MS had the plan for X1 and stuck to it...There was more than enough time to upgrade the X1 ram to 12 gig of ddr3 where the cost would have been minimal but nothing was done..If Spencer was the head right after the E3 showing I have a feeling the decision to increase the ram would have been made.

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Bruh2953d ago

Right cause they're going to go back and upgrade the GPU last minute, as if its that easy. You can boost the RAM and uplock certain speeds. But its inevitable, Microsoft will have the more powerful mid-cycle upgrade.

gamerswin242953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I like all the arm chair analyst tht know out of their @ss that Sony has started production lol mass production can start whenever Sony says so and at least six months before release. Funny how almost all the devs when Sony announced the neo didnt even know it existed. Stop listening to hearsay and making it fact. Neo specs arent locked down, most devs dont have dev kits and mass production hasnt started yet, trust me we would have known by now. Im not saying Sony will up the specs bcus honestly they dont need to they are leading in sales and microsoft has to react not them. If neo releases it will still be most powerful console at that moment so all tht is irrelevant.

Satou2953d ago

Who's to say Sony didn't have two APU models designed from AMD and haven't picked one yet? The 4.14 TFLOPS rumors have said they've been considering a CPU increase also. That's all I'm saying, maybe they've got some extra juice coming.

Bruh2953d ago


The whole "your rumors are wrong" work both ways buddy, how do you know that production hasn't started? In the end neither of us are completely right. Difference on my end is that there are hordes of rumors pointing at plausible specs of the Neo, including reliables ones such as DF, Giant Bomb and so on. Hell they even guessed Microsoft's Project Scorpio and even the 6 TFLOPs statement.

TheCommentator2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Gamers Win, Neo has dev kits out. It doesn't matter how many because the dev kit already has the spec of the system built into it... and no, I won't "trust you".

Martin, who's to say MS doesn't have a 10tf machine spec'd out too? There were two rumors about Scorpio prior to its' reveal if you remember. One rumor was 6tf and the other was 10tf.

Master of Unlocking2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

It's possible. But even if they don't and MS actually ends up having the more powerful system, do you realize it will be only for 1-2 years only before Sony comes up with a system that makes a mockery of the scorpio?

Actually it's the other way around. I'm not going to bother elaborating again why, I'll just drop what Spenok said in a previous thread, and what I added after his comment in that thread so you understand why things will probably not play in MS's favor:

"MS has said developers have the choice to make games exclusively for the new platform. Meaning, it is technically a new system, and not just an upgraded Xbox One (which would make the most sense when you consider MS has only ever called it the Xbox Scorpio, and never with Xbox One in the name). So with that said, even IF it is intended to be an Xbox 1.5, MS won't be pushing out an Xbox Two or whatever random name they decided to call any time soon after Scorpio.

While on the other hand, the PS4 Neo IS an upgraded PS4, and EVERY game will be required to work on both the original PS4, and the Neo. Effectively giving Sony the leg up when they decided to release their PS5 in 2-3 years, and it's more powerful than the Scorpio, MS won't have a reply, as their console will be already 1-2 years old, and asking/making people upgrade from there would be disastrous.

So you would have a probably less powerful PS4 Neo competing with the Scorpio, likely out a year or so in advance of the Scorpio, then the PS5 releases within 1-2 years after Scorpio, and MS will running around with their pants down, screwed and out of options. "
"Now that MS has unveiled their hand, Sony only has to ramp up the specs of the Neo a little to, say, 6TFLOPS, to lure MS into playing the pissing contest and also ramping up the specs of the Scorpio to, say, 8TFLOPS, and thus either pricing their Scorpio completely out of the range of what is deemed acceptable/commercially viable for a console, or selling the system at a huge loss."

Ju2953d ago

I'm curious how this will work out. MS does not have the tech today to release a 6Tf console, hence the ends of 2017 release date. It'll show significantly better games then when the Neo will actually be much cheaper by then and already run 4k or 1440p games. At the end consoles will sell for the most bang for the buck and I doubt the Scorpio will adress this segment. I think it's a great complimentary product for people who don't care about how much it costs, but if all you have is a 1080p TV (like the masses then) the Scorpio and Neo will look the same with one being significantly cheaper

Aenea2953d ago

if they release this year production has already started and I doubt they can change anything like that.


the specs that were rumoured might nog have been final, heck 'corporate espionage' is a thing after all, so I wouldn't be surprised if both MS and Sony knew about each others plans way earlier than we heard the rumours, so it is possible they changed a few little things like upping the frequency of the GPU getting more Tflops out of it BEFORE production even started.

so we can't be sure about the specs of the Neo until they actually announce it

Death2952d ago

Sony is restricted more with their new console since it has to be hardware backwards compatible with the existing PS4. The upgrades will be less because of this. Microsoft has a different strategy, they are targeting Windows 10 as a platform instead of the hardware. This is why they can make games for both Windows 10 PC and Xbox at the same time. This is also what allows forward and backward compatibility much like we have already seen with Windows PC in the past. It's a very smart move on their part since it will allow accessories such as mouse/kb and Rift/Vive support on the Scorpio. With the existing PS4 and Xbox One we already have PC based hardware. Windows 10 on the Xbox is what will turn consoles into the PC's we already have in our living rooms into dedicated gaming PC's.

Bran2952d ago

Xbox is making 2 consoles so is it possible that Sony will as well? One to match the Xbox slim with 4K and another holiday 2017.

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Bigpappy2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

M$ is not going to allow Sony to release another more powerful console than they release for the second time. Not going to happen.

Why do people keep calling it a beast? It is I fact a MONSTER.

Babadook72953d ago

Neo is a monster. Scorpio is a monster + 30%. And a year late. :D

Aenea2953d ago

Yeah, MS is magical like that, they can prevent Sony from releasing a better console again but Sony can't try and do the same to MS!

Exactly. Besides, who says MS is actually reaching 6Tflops? They did say "we aim for" for a reason, to make sure people aren't going to be upset if it's a bit less...

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Silkside2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

They haven't built shit, it's all specs on paper atm.

Manic20142953d ago

Development is not a small thing, they most likely already have a prototype finalised the components, designed and ordered the gpu's from AMD. Everything is planned.

Ju2953d ago

Currently, there is no 6Tf silicon available to build even a prototype of such a machine. It sure isn't taped out yet. They might "simulate" a 6Tf performance target on a PC running the Xbox OS (which isn't rocket science since it's a Windows 10 version). If there would be real HW it would release this year. that AMD architecture won't be available before mid next year.

dms52232953d ago

Ju, also keep in mind it takes time to secure suppliers and parts / make an entire supply chain. You have to create the process the console is made and procedures for how workers manufacture it. There is a lot to it.