British Sales Charts

A new challenger approaches! Specifically, one that challenges Nintendo's (or any other company's game published on a Nintendo console) dominance over Britain's sales charts. And that challenger? None other than Too Human, which debuted at #5.

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Jok3r3700d ago


Too Human @ nr 5
and the nearest exclusive PS3 game is MGS4 @ nr 27!!!
OMG The PS3 is d00med!!!!!

(Just kidding, I just wanna act like a random Sony [email protected] :D

cahill3700d ago

However HAZE was seen on other charts of EU unlike Too Human which coulnt chart anywhere in europe excepting UK

TH sold around 15k in total for its launch week in europe with 12-13k coming solely from UK

Montrealien3700d ago

pls indulge us with these other sales charts cahill. I`m curious to see them.

Dyingduck3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

All of those people who bought Too Flop...wait...I meant 2/10 Flop

MGS4 is released back in June 12th...(If I were you, I would be like, "Oh, HOW COME HALO3 ISN'T EVEN ANYWHERE NEAR THE TOP? Total retards)

GTA4 PS3 > GTA4 Xbox360 (Where is your DLC now???)

caffman3699d ago

stop trying to spin. How can bejing 2008 for the PS3 sell as much as the 360 version when its 3 places lower?
You really need to go

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dale13700d ago

not much in it between ps3 and 360 in software sales,ms is losing ground on the ps3 in terms of hardware when you look at how close the software sales are becoming.interesting point is gta moved up on ps3 and down on the 360.dlc doesn,t mean to much then this was ms strongest country in europe and its losing ground fast

deno3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I believe ps3 will not be as big as playstation 2 brand was. Xbox 360 is definitely doing better then the original. This generation will an equal one for those two. Micro had last year as its dominant year and sony is having this year as its dominant.

air13700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

yea ppl are buying the ps3 i wonder for what though? i know it's not for games mgs4 in 27th said so.

disagree all you want it's true ps3 exclusives arent even in the top 20 barely made the 30 mark. blu-ray all the way baby

cahill3700d ago

COD4 ps3 version is above the x360 version

Beijing sold just as much on ps3 as x360 (32% vs 33%)

U can clearly see that x360 is the least selling console in UK not to mention other territories where x360 barely exists

MGS4 has been on the chart for 13 weeks. Halo3 couldnt stay after 9 weeks

Montrealien3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Why bother being a spin doctor Nasim? Just be happy our market can support all these consoles and keep on growing. We live in great gamer times fantart, and one console to rule them all, like you clearly want, will spell doom to our beloved industry. ;D

caffman3699d ago

halo 3 sales figures pissed all over MGS4 in 9 weeks

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Montrealien3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Nice, I hope Too Human Cracks the top ten in NA also for the sequel and support`s sake. I want some DLC New weapons, Arena`s you name it :D

Wii is just ripping it though, it will never end, lol

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