Nintendo Sent Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Out to Die

Is the Persona franchise well-known? If I were to say the word “Persona” in a gaming message board or comment section, would people know what I’m talking about? If I were to ask for a Persona game at Gamestop, would the people there know about Atlus’ RPG franchise? How about Fire Emblem: would gamers know of that franchise?

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LaWiiG1752d ago

Nintendo fans need more of this. Less Mario games

cleft51752d ago

More of what? A game that has been so heavily censored that it killed its original style. I was really looking forward to this game until i saw all of the censoring the game went through. Quite frankly, its insulting.

donwel1752d ago

Nintendo have always been one for censoring to be honest, but lately Treehouse (Nintendos localisation studio, for those unaware) have been going way over the top.

Zeldafan641752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Getting angry about censorship is a complete waste of time and energy. If you don't want the game now because of that then you never really wanted the game that much to begin with.

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light691751d ago

So because you don't get to see a little bit more of cleavage it changes your mind on purchasing the game? That's shallow. I'm certain the gameplay is still the same, the story is still the same, and the art style doesn't change just because they cover up some boobs. By definition that is not art style. Piss off if you don't buy the game because of this. I don't like censorship but there are better ways to go about letting your voice be known than by just whining about it.

UltimateMaster1751d ago

Reggie Fils-aime needs to retire from the head of Nintendo.
With him in charged, Nintendo's doomed. It is doomed in the US since he can't get 3Rd party developers on board with the system, which will affect Europe and the rest of the World.
With his recent interview that he basically reiterated what he said before the Wii U launched is that specs don't matter.
Specs matter if you are a generation behind. Games matter since you're clearly lacking a lot of them.
Reggie learned nothing from the Wii U. Pokemons has a higher chance of learning something more than Reggie. It seems that Reggie cannot learn "lessons of Wii U".
They are not in a position to dictate anything with their install base which will restart from scratch when it releases.

gamer78041751d ago

agreed, i'm now much less excited for the nx, with so many games on there on other consoles that have a greater chance to be intact, i don't have much drive to get a game censored by nintendo.

jznrpg1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Nintendo U.S is generally for children, I understand why they censored it, not that I agree necessarily but I see why. The game can still be good censored or not, I dont need to see panty shots of npc girls anyway . I would prefer the game inits original form, but its better than nothing

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KentBenMei1751d ago

No, we don't need more poorly made crossovers (but we do need more good ones). And we don't need less Mario games, just better ones (Paper Mario has been annihilated, just kill the series already).

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TXIDarkAvenger1752d ago

Should have left it as Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem. I didn't even know what happened to this game until a few days ago.

wonderfulmonkeyman1752d ago

I don't think it's been sent out to die yet. We won't know if it has been until the game's full sales reports are out.

ptownjbo1752d ago

I think it is quite the delusion to think that this game will perform well at retail.

instantstupor1752d ago

Doesn't help that the marketing isn't terribly clear. Hell, I had it in my head that this turned into some weird rhythm game or something with the way it is presented, and I'm a pretty informed gamer! Glad I was misinformed, but this game feels like such an enigma with the weird path it took from announcement to release.

rjason121752d ago

Same here, I was thinking it was rhythm sort of game, etc.

Maybay1752d ago

The fact that they even bothered to bring it over here, deserves some positive recognition.

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