Dice will Introduce Few New Ways to Play Battlefield

Battlefield always gives us a promising experience and this game hopes to give us the best war experience. The multiplayer of this game is epic and one of the best. Dice still thinks they can make it better so, they will bring in some new characteristics to make this multiplayer experience more fun.

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SuperJay1821822d ago

you attack/defend objectives and shot other players.. have I missed something? haha interested to see how they change it up

just_looken1822d ago

You have there is a huge change you can now press a button lunge 6ft and stab people with your bayonet.

Offbasic1822d ago

It's still better then pretending to be Star Wars

just_looken1822d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

At the disagree well here is the 6ft stab
Just locked on then flew over to him

Nero21421822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Well i hope this ''enter game with a squad'' thing will overwrite autobalance on a server , im fking tired of fighing autobalance when my mate is on the other team