Are Season Passes Really Working For Gamers?

Are Season Passes just a game of diminishing returns for gamers? We look at DOOM, Fallout 4, Battlefront and more to see if Season Passes are still fair.

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RuleNumber51827d ago

For me because Doom's base experience is so stellar, the Season Pass is absolutely worth it because it keeps that great line of awesome content coming. If it's not as good of a game, like Homefront, then a Season Pass to me would feel more salty. Starts with the base for me.

Kleptic1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

the base multiplayer is 'stellar' to you? Not an accusation, it's only that i'm on the exact opposite ground on the exact same game...Doom is a perfect example of a game i'm glad I skipped the season pass so far.

The single player is beyond stellar, imo, and snapmap has great potential...but the multiplayer is merely ok to where close to as bad as the 'media' made it out to be, but not exactly fantastic either. The free updates coming to both snapmap and mp are welcome, though...and i'll admit the first DLC pack looks interesting. I'm just waiting to see where it goes community wise. The risk of buying DLC up front for something no one is playing by the time it releases is not worth the $5 saving or w/e it is buying them individually...if they're good, and people are playing it, i'll bite...

just_looken1827d ago

I will just leave this comic image here as it shows my view on this matter perfectly i am sure many will agree to this comic aswell.

Deadpooled1827d ago

Fantastic image lmao sums it up perfectly

Nodoze1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Perfect summary of exactly how I feel. If this continues gaming will be dead.

Just for the devs out there, I don't buy ANY game that does this. In fact I wait...and wait...and wait.. until the game is 20 bucks or less and then I will grab it...with all of the content that should have been in the core game. So you may get some fools money, but you are not getting mine. For those that must have the newest shiny thing as soon as it hits the market...well you are the reason this is going on.

Props to the few developers that DO DLC properly, Rockstar (single player DLC, not the multiplayer crap), and CD Projekt Red.

Oh and FU EA. I cannot wait for your next Battlefront to crap the bed. It will....just watch.

just_looken1826d ago

Glad you all enjoyed it


I never touched battlefront and now that the player count drop by over 80% i will never touch it. Now that the msrp in canada is $80 for a new game i do more bin buying then new game buying i just got fc4 for $12 thats my kind of deal.

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NapalmSanctuary1826d ago

All I bought the game for was SP and snapmap so the season pass wasn't even on my radar.

detroitmademe1827d ago

I don't mind a season pass as long as the game is good

Star511827d ago

Its a slippery slope of wallet-gouging. I long for the days pre-internet when developers had to put the entire game on a disc, rather than slice of pieces and resell them

s45gr321827d ago

Thank you, is true I miss game developers/publishers selling a full game with mini games, map editors, freeeeeeeeeee unlockables, etc.

jessionpc1827d ago

Couldn't agree more. It's saddening to see kids defending this practice. To play a game now is to beat it till the end, then 6 months later get shipped a 40 dollar DLC which PAINFULLY shows you exactly where they ripped that level out of the game... Hell, if you understand DLC in the industry these days, you can often SEE where part of the game was ripped out without even knowing when/where the dlc will take place just because of complete pacing drop.

Uncharted 4 Snow level, Chloe, ending remark the guy makes about calling Nathan a legend, anyone? Calling it now.

Deadpooled1827d ago


I assume the snow level you're talking about Scotland? Yeah the pacing did definitely drop. But I think hopefully with what ND did for the Last of Us Left Behind DLC that UC4's single player DLC is a sizeable one which feels like a new game, imo want it to be a Chloe and Cutter adventure but with HUGE action sequences, and keeping the story relevant to the main storyline in UC4.

Vegamyster1826d ago

I remember early arena shooters on PC would get maps for free from devs + user made ones, other games like C&C had expansions that were basically full games for $40-$50, new campaigns/stories, MP/Skirmish maps, units ect, now it's primary just map packs & most of those maps aren't even that good.

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ThePope1827d ago

Its probably the the only reason games are still only $60 that and DLC in general.

DragonPaw1827d ago

I can remember paying $72 for Street Fighter 2: Turbo for my SNES. You are definitely right about game prices/inflation. That was a lot of money for me, and I was just a kid. Now gamers are often adults or working age. Then again, I think we only had 4 TV channels lol.

USMC_POLICE1827d ago

My issue is they almost never go on sale, old cod games still want full price for DLC and other games are the same. If the battlefront pass went on sale I'd buy it.

1827d ago
Nodoze1826d ago

I picked up Battlefield 4 with all DLC last Christmas for like 20 bucks. It does, but you have to watch for it.

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