Project Scorpio And PS Neo Prove That PC Has Won ‘Gaming War’ With Consoles

One of the biggest announcements that Microsoft made during its E3 2016 media briefing was Project Scorpio – an upcoming console which will be capable of running games at upto 4K.

Commenting on Project Scorpio announcement and Microsoft’s stance on PC gaming, AlienWare CEO Frank Azor said that PC has won the gaming ‘war’ with consoles.

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Gaming_Cousin1819d ago

PC didn't win s**t. PS4 is the fastest selling console in Sony history. Maybe instead of Alienware spewing s**t on consoles, they should focus on why they are a really hated company in the PC community. Overpricing scums

jessionpc1817d ago

Um... PC has the largest player base by a factor of 5+. Where as every generation the next console has to start all over again. 40 million is great, but it's still absolutely NOTHING in comparison to 300+ million. Not everyone games on steam. Why do the top games not sell on pc? Because there are 10+ THOUSAND games to pick from, not a dozen or 2 with 800 low quality indies and 4 different bundled versions of the same game.

...In the end it doesn't really matter, this is N4G, a little place for people to hold hands and pretend. But the truth is the truth, no matter how hard people try not to see it. PC is THE platform, and it's only becoming more so as time goes by.

A couple more generations and consoles will just be a glorified pc upgrade and every developer will be 3rd party. EVERYONE will be connected to 1 platform. No needing 4 boxes, no needing 3 outlets to plug in your stuff, no spending 1500+ dollars on buying all the hardware. And if people don't like it?...

We'll being happy doesn't require people to be a gamer. And heck, people always have the option to dust off that old ps4. It's a great console.

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Khaotic1817d ago

No it's not agree console or they wouldn't be releasing NEO, and PC is so full of shovel ware it's not even funny. And you're comments make you sound like you're sitting there looking into a crystal ball showing the future. When the only FACT is you have no clue what so ever what you are talking about.

2pacalypsenow1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Yet game developers and publishers still cater and focus their attention to the console versions, gaming wouldn't be as big as it is today if it wasn't for consoles.

Gaming_Cousin1817d ago


What is funny to me is that everyone spells this end of console bs and there is absolutely no proof any of this is happening. You are only regurgitating crap that the PC PR has stated. I wonder how your going to be "THE" platform when there will still be exclusives from console

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TheGamingArt1816d ago

This argument applies to mobile devices, sales figures on games is what matters. And it's inarguably obvious that PC games don't have the numbers to back this claim

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_-EDMIX-_1817d ago

Lol agreed but in that same breath I also blame Valve for not taking more actions to try to unify the community on PC and form a much-needed structure.

Because PC is open-source it's basically the Wild West in fact PCS Financial structure is largely in part from help from Microsoft and Sony release their platforms the only time you see a huge jump in specs as when Sony and Microsoft justify it with their new platforms.

I take back my comment about Valve maybe it's not feasible for open-source to really have a company that leads the initiative in terms of building a solid structure.

ONESHOTV21817d ago

_-EDMIX-_ "Because PC is open-source it's basically the Wild West in fact PCS Financial structure is largely in part from help from Microsoft and Sony release their platforms the only time you see a huge jump in specs as when Sony and Microsoft justify it with their new platforms".

you have that in the wrong order pc is always on the move console dont have the say in what's should be new. you do know that companies like nvidia and AMD create super computers for companies like NASA and cloud storage pc does not revolves around your console maker of choice.

_-EDMIX-_1817d ago

@ONE- "you do know that companies like nvidia and AMD create super computers for companies like NASA and cloud storage pc does not revolves around your console maker of choice."

Call me one one those moves 40 million unit in about 2 years.

A generation starts when MS and Sony pretty much release their consoles. PC follows Consoles lead based on consoles being closed source and PC being open source.

AC Unity, Witcher 3 started the gen with demanding newer GPUs to play them, something solely based on consoles coming out.

Soooooo PC will always have the tech, console will have the market and drive the price.

lol that isn't from 1 gen 100 million, that is since they started making GPUs with Nvidia lol

The GTX 970/980 series of GPUs only sold around 1 million.....1 million vs what? 60 million from this gen BEFORE Nintendo has even unveiled their console.

THAT is why the console market dictates the PC market. Read what CDPR stated about Witcher 3 please.

s45gr321817d ago

Is not the nineties anymore, the PC of today is nothing like the PC of the nineties. Windows 10 (have it on my laptop) is completely automatically. My 7 year old PC can still run today's games (AMD Phenom 2 quad processor, 4gb DDR2 ram, etc.) There is more console games on the PC:

Old school jrpg
arcade racing games

It also has gotten cheaper specially now with the AMD RX480 for $200.00 and the upcoming Zen CPU. Really, instead of asking whether to jump on PC or not, ask yourselves how to improve console gaming

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NecoTehSergal1819d ago

Can someone add a report for Flamebait?

NecoTehSergal1817d ago

You need to be a creator/submitter to be given that right, so the site tells me, and I've not submitted any news to be given such power as to 'report'. Restricting the ability to report is a bit asinine, no?

DragonDDark1816d ago

Uhh.. try submitting some articles. But follow the rules!

NecoTehSergal1816d ago

Too lazy, and generally everything 'new' I find comes from here in terms of gaming news.

DragonDDark1816d ago

Uh huh.. well, everyone has their chance :P

NecoTehSergal1816d ago

Never said they didn't, all I said was that it was trouble that they leave a Report feature that should be available to everyone, but instead leaves it so you have to 'contribute' to get it. I'm sure there'd be a good ratio of those who'd like to report articles, but the margin of those who want to, or have contributed versus those who haven't would be skewered.

tl;dr - It's a skewered and stupid blockade for a feature that should be for those who want to report problems but don't want to contribute to the site, but want to contribute via keeping the site clean.

DragonDDark1816d ago

I agree. Try giving feedback. There should be a feedback button. :]

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joeorc1819d ago

Is that why Consumers keep wanting. PC's as their main computer 💻. Entertainment. Box. For the living room?

Over the past 38+ years?

joeorc1819d ago

Lets make it all open source..if You want to be fair , no Exclusives at all.

In other words...Sony & Nintendo needs to put their exclusives on PC, and PC 💻 on Consoles.
So in other Words Sony & Nintendo need to give up the very reason for really their existence for those game console systems Exclusives for the PC.

One would just ask , why Have PC 💻 getting Windows OS exclusives also How about their Exclusives on Linux PC's & Mac.
I'm sure once that happens everything would be right as rain.
So no one single company has the Monopoly. And everything goes open source.

Thatguy-3101818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Sony and Nintendo will never let their exclusives go to pc. They understand the importance of a console and know the boundaries between both markets. Plus Nintendo and Sony exlusives come from with in their first party divisions where as the majority of MS exlusives don't.

ApocalypseShadow1818d ago

He knows.

Sarcasm can't be this hard to see.

Thatguy-3101818d ago

I know and I'm just adding to what he's being sarcastic about. I'm not attacking the guy

_-EDMIX-_1817d ago

It's not about understanding the importance of console it is more so because Sony nor Nintendo have nothing financially at stake or to invest or to gain to release on PC.

Microsoft owns an operating system so it's clear they're going to invest in a market that may affect in a product that they make money from.

Does Nintendo not release content for their handhelds? Sony not release a handheld with content for it?

They support those because they have something invested in those products they do not have anything invested in PC like Microsoft does.

That is why you see them not making title on PC.

PistolsAtDawn1817d ago

Correction...Sony and Nintendo won't let their games go to pc right now, cause they CAN'T. You're welcome

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