"Defend how you want to defend" in Gears 4's Horde 3.0

The Coalition's Rod Fergusson about how the new Horde mode is closer to that of Gears 2 than Gears 3.

"When I started up Gears 4 what I really wanted to go back to was this notion of emergent gameplay," says Fergusson. "I liked Gears 3 horde, but it became a tower defence game, kind of like a vending machine. You put in a coin, fortification appears and that was it. And what I loved about Gears 2 horde was that notion of that you're playing shields, and you're planting grenades and you're just sort of barely surviving, but you're also making it up as you go along."

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BattleAxe1819d ago

I choose to defend in a very defensible way.

ULTp0ltergeist1819d ago

Love it, I hope it's a fun mixture of strategic and stylized play.

Immorals1819d ago

I loved building fortifications, even if the requirements were steep!

jessionpc1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

It's really too fkn bad Uncharted 4 didn't get something like this, even if it was more basic.

Game was great, now it's just sitting there in my library like a fkn psn achievement never to be played again...

@Sciurus_vulgaris I agree, the multiplayer was a complete let down, it was very polished, but so 90's... I always go back to Madagascar in my head, where you have to lower the draw bridge as the armored truck comes and fight off invading troops?... Why not just let people place some sandbags, some, "heroes", and defend the bridge for as long as you can?...

Sciurus_vulgaris1819d ago

I finished uncharted 4 great game. Uncharted 4's multiplayer, however,is full of gimmicks that break the flow and balance of the game. I shelved the game much quicker than I expected because of the mp.

Austin481819d ago

Uncharted is about the single player not the multiplayer. My personal opinion is i loved the game and the story I wasn't big on the multiplayer however I never was anyways.

Sciurus_vulgaris1819d ago

@Austin48 I wanted the mp to simple like Uncharted 2's. I have never been to into the series' mp either. I wanted Uncharted 4's mp to be a game that I could relax and enjoy occasionally. However ithe mp is filled with gimmicks due to being overdesigned.

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