It’s OK to Cry When You First Play ‘The Last Guardian’ | VICE

VICE: 'We played the long-awaited PlayStation exclusive at E3 2016, and trust us: this is a special game, rich in singular appeal, despite its "problems".'

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Genuine-User1477d ago

Fumito Ueda is a master at conveying pure emotion in the gaming space. You would know this if you've played Ico and SoTC.

deadwiseman851477d ago

Its never ok to cry at anything, let alone a video game 😉

deadwiseman851477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

We are men ! We should only cry when it rains, so that no one can tell!😉😂

jessionpc1477d ago

You know, in the real world, not every guy is Trunks...

Just thought you should know... Your 100x the badass if you can shed tears and not be so afraid to show it you run away looking for the nearest shower or commercial fire alarm.

fatsodubmo1477d ago

Things a whiny crybaby would say...tbh

1477d ago
lipton1011476d ago

Only game that made me babble was the end of walking dead season 1. Like. A. Baby.