Breath Of The Wild US Trademark Gives Additional Hint On Nintendo NX's Hybrid Nature

The US trademark for the next entry of the Zelda series provides one more hint on the Nintendo NX's hybrid nature

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jcnba281819d ago

Cartridges would be awesome!

BigBosss1818d ago

Definitely! Love the old school blowing into the cartridge to hope the game would work haha

_-EDMIX-_1818d ago

I'm not sure they are bring it back as much as they are just doing the norm of a handheld.

I think many people are reading this as being a "console" in regards to just dedicated to just that, in fact...I believe it is first and foremost a handheld that simply outs to the TV. It explains why they stated its the replacement of 3DS and Wii U, it explains the rumors of not having a disk drive.

Does 3DS have a disk drive?

Its not as if it can't be done either ,consider the PSP 3000 outs to TVs, yet is a handheld. In that respect, can it simply not be both?

smashman981818d ago

Lol well nx probably won't be that it will probably be something closer to ds and 3ds

Brandnewfan6101817d ago

Those days of cartridges are over. When they say cartridges, they're talking about something along the lines of an SD Card.

bouzebbal1817d ago

In the 90's cartridges were limited by space and that's not the case anymore..

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Heyxyz1818d ago

Rose colored glasses? Don't get me wrong, I'm as nostalgic for cartridges as the next guy, but to actually want them on a new console? There's a reason the PS1 beat the N64, and a lot of that had to do with the fact the PS1 had discs. I don't know how somebody could want obsolete technology for their new console.

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if the NX took cartridges. Nintendo really likes to stay in the past, and remind people of their glory days.

deafdani1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

Dude, cartridges offer a lot of advantages over discs.

- Read times are much faster, negating the need to install the game on the hard drive.
- Much more secure media, they're harder to damage.
- They can be written upon, meaning that you could theoretically install game patches on the cartridge itself, helping with storage issues present on current gen consoles (the standard 500 GB hard drives fill up pretty fast due to game installations and patches, an issue that could be solved, or at least highly alleviated, with cartridges).
- Cartridges = no need for optical drive on the console, which translates to less moving parts, which means less possibility of damage to the console. Longer life.

Also, you seem to be thinking about the clunky, big cartridges of the N64 era. Nope, think more about cartridges like those found on the 3DS / PSVita.

The only possible limitations could be storage size and price. Regarding storage, I don't know if it's feasible to make cartridges that match blu ray's 50 GB storage size, or surpass it, even, while keeping them at a competitive price. But cartridges are nowadays much cheaper than they were back in the N64 days, it's not really comparable. They still aren't as cheap as discs are (which cost cents at most), but maybe the cost is low enough to justify the shift. More so if a company were to order millions of cartridges for their games, which would only make them cheaper and cheaper to manufacture over time.

As a media format, cartridges ARE superior to discs, and that's a fact.

Sylth011818d ago

You're right when you say the PS1 beat the N64 mainly because of CD's. They were much cheaper, did not have to be bought straight from the console company like Nintendo's proprietary cartridges, and could store far larger amounts of data.

I would not, however, call cartridges an obsolete tech. They have their own advantages (durability, no moving parts, & load speed) and disadvantages (cost); it remains to be seen which side will outweigh the other.

Scatpants1818d ago

Flash memory isn't obsolete. If anything optical disc drives are obsolete.

_-EDMIX-_1818d ago

Not if its a handheld.

I see many, many people on here that are seeing this as this strange choice SIMPLY based on the assumption that NX is only a console ie dedicated.

I don't believe that is what it is and I think it makes sense based on what Nintendo has stated, the rumors and their recent sales of Wii U might be pointing to them exiting the dedicated console market and NX actually just being a handheld and outing to the TV to not leave behind the few that game on console.

In that respect, not having a disk drive makes complete sense. Look at NX as a handheld and you'll see it much clearly. If its a dedicated console though, they failed before they even released it. 3rd parties will not lose money on a expensive format when the know their competition isn't even going to release on the platform. They are making a killing on PS, XB and PC, they don't need NX by any exaggerated stretch of the imagination, Nintendo needs them way, way more then they need Nintendo.

@Deaf- "cartridges offer a lot of advantages over discs" No doubt, but regarding will fail and I don't see them coming back from such a failure if the platform is indeed a console only. The reality is, being "superior" has nothing to do with actually being successful.


Do you see the most expensive high end GPUs selling the most?
Do you see the most expensive, high end cars selling the most?

On paper, N64's cartridge was better then CD.

Reality is, it had less space, too expensive ie the cons outweigh the pros big time and if price or space wasn't a factor, they would have been golden, but price as a HUGE factor. You can afford a game with 4 disk back then better then 1 cartage. You got the space and paid very little.

This isn't again about what you think is "better" it is about can it make sense based on business? THAT will ultimately determine how important such a move will be, I don't see it being cheaper then a disk and mind you, that is all most publishers will care about. If they cared only about THE BEST, they would be exclusive to PC bud.

freshslicepizza1817d ago

the biggest benefit are the load times, or lack of.

The 10th Rider1817d ago


They could always opt for read-only cartridges, or give them two partitions (a read-only partition and a write partition) and potentially reduce costs that way.

Either way, if they could cut down on console costs by removing the need for a large internal storage, then give us faster load times and cartridges that can save patches, save files, and even DLC, I'd be okay with a $10 increase in the price of games.

1817d ago
kamisama1817d ago

i think your thinking to much into the past cartridges have a lot of advantages over disc like deafdani explained! *facepalm*

herbs1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Hilarious the reality is Bluray is a dead tech that exist only because of high profit margins. Bluray is not even capable of running current games and is just a delivery method that bloats hardware in multiple ways. 4K Bluray movies will be the last of the disc format.

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NatureOfLogic_1818d ago

Cartridges would be ok, but I'm worried about NX.

Scatpants1818d ago

If it's a good new portable I'll buy it. I love portables, but it seems like they are dying due to moblile. The only thing I had to possibly look forward to was the Smach Zero, but if this looks good I'll totally buy it.

_-EDMIX-_1818d ago

lol agreed. I think this is further pointing to NX being a handheld that outs to the TV and Nintendo quietly exiting the dedicated console market.

Will be very, very happy to see them go full handheld and have the market all in 1 place vs fragmented from handheld to console.

This will ensure more titles from Nintendo, they don't need to make support an EITHER OR like they did with 3DS and Wii U which I completely understand btw, this is business.

They stated its their most supported platform they've ever support to the rumor that it is hybrid as they no longer have developers for handheld and console, not its for 1 device that is both.

The talks of it being the replacement for 3DS and Wii U, why state both? Sony is not calling PS4 the replacement of PSVita and PS3?

From the rumors to Nintendo's own comments, its sounding like they are exiting the dedicated console market and I think they are correct to do so. Handheld is their bread and butter and I'm sure those who want that console experience will be fine plugging the device into a TV (or even transmitting wirelessly!!!!).

I think it will basically be like the PSP 3000 model.

The 10th Rider1817d ago

With the tech available nowadays, they could make a 'handheld' slightly larger than the Wii U gamepad, but with the power of the PS4, for an affordable price. It wouldn't really be a 'play-on-the-go' console because it would be too big to fit in your pocket, but it could easily be put in a backpack to take to a friend's house and play on their TV.

They could easily continue a dedicated handheld as well, but give it a budget price and make it with their side-scrolling and isometric games in mind (IE: New Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country, Isometric Zelda games, Rhythm Heaven, etc...) The same games could also be playable on the NX, with higher resolutions and frame rates.

3-4-51817d ago

* I agree. I really want them to come back. So much more fun to collect them and the cover art was always nice as well.

jessionpc1817d ago

CD's are why I don't buy physical anymore. They are fkn junk, they always have been, they always will. For the perk of cheap manufacturing they completely sell longevity and reliability.

Every NES game I've ever come across works 100% perfectly. No issues, no matter how fked the damn thing was. When did that thing come out? In the 80's?...

Yet even my CAR CD PLAYER that I never touch outside of driving craps out in a few years.

Noperino. Digital or cartridge. I actually want to be able to rediscover my past 20 years down the road with a cartridge system, not bury my hopes loading in a cd that has no hope of working.

ColonelHugh1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

I understand where you're coming from, but it's not like CD's damage themselves. That comes from carelessness.

Drives on the other hand degrade over time. That said, care and luck can give longevity. My original PlayStation from '96 works fine, and South Florida's hot and humid combo isn't gentle to electronics. Most consoles are rugged enough, only my GameCube died a natural death, and it was the controller port that went, not the drive.

Car radios are well known for breaking. It comes with the territory having been in a car rolling and bouncing along, radio snug in its socket, car's suspension working fine, except inertia is a law, and moving parts in the radio imply that something is bound to wiggle itself to death.

Good-Smurf1817d ago

If true then the NX will be at least a very reliable console due to it using cartridges,my white PC Engine can attest to that it's banged up and all yellowed out yet it plays Hu-Card no problem and it's pretty much a 30 year old console!

thekhurg1817d ago

Cartridges are pure 100% shit.

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Kalebninja1819d ago

I think the trademark is for both version, I don't recall games getting several trademarks for each system they're on, the Wii U version being on disc and the NX on cartridges. I think people are going to be burned when this console is revealed, too many have it implanted in their heads that it has to be a hybrid.

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Heyxyz1818d ago

I currently have no opinion on the NX, as I've never seen it, but I have a feeling that this whole "hybrid" thing will be nothing more than a gimmick everyone will eventually ignore. Kind of like the Wii U gamepad or 3D on the 3DS.

1818d ago
Scatpants1818d ago

Pretty sure it will at least have some sort of portable component. that's why they went with the 2 letter naming. The NX will be the new line to replace the DS.

deafdani1818d ago

Oh, dear.

NX is just a prototype name.

Neonridr1819d ago

different era now, flash memory is so cheap. Quick load times, more durable than discs. No messy optical drive needed in the console (unless solely for backwards compatibility). Bring it on.

The 10th Rider1818d ago

I'm still saying it's a gamepad with the innards of the console in the controller. Somewhere between PS4/XboxOne and Neo specs.

SirBradders1818d ago

I'm thinking more along the lines of a toaster with kick start running on two stroke.

1818d ago
Scatpants1818d ago

I'm going to mod mine with an electric starter.

Spurg1818d ago

My heart just skipped a beat...I though it said Breath of fire :(

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