50% off sale for Logitech G35, G430 and G930 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headsets

A trio of Logitech 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headsets got heavily discounted with the Logitech G430 dropping to $39.99, G35 to $64.99 and G930 to $79.99.

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Mystogan1822d ago

why do I never have the money to spend when these sales happen?

jessionpc1822d ago

The g930 is a solid product. I've tried Sennheisers, madcats, astro, turtle beach, razer, roccat, and... dozens of others over my life from different brands... NOTHING touches this G wireless brand.

One thing MUST be said. It occasionally has connection issues into it's lifetime, "super rare", and the micro usb connection is flimsy and will often disconnect if your charging it while gaming. There is a slight hum from the wireless, "
Like almost ALL wireless headphones", t, but otherwise they are fantastic.

BUT!... The logitech g933 are absolute legend. The BEST pair I've ever used in my life, hands down.

NO buzz. The micro usb connection is SOLID. It's just as comfortable, the surround feels even WIDER, there are zero connection issues, ZERO. and a perfect, "sometimes even longer", than 40 foot range. It has a long battery life, it's light, they fit ALL the way around your ears, super comfortable and cloth fabric so if you put them on in the morning there is no annoying cold snap.

If you on the fence and the deal off still isn't persuading you, get the G933, NOT the g930. You will NOT be disappointed. I have half a dozen wireless connections around the 933 and I've NEVER had a single blip. Getting up during Dayz with my friends, hiding in a bush going to the bathroom or grabbing a snack while hearing footsteps before ALL of my friends do, "My buddy has the Sennheiser pc 363d", is absolute glory.