Nintendo’s Bill Trinen Says Link Can Finish Breath of the Wild Wearing Boxers From the Beginning

Ever since it was revealed that Link can run around in nothing but his boxers in Breath of the Wild, some fans have been quick to bring up the idea of a boxers-only challenge. J

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Zeldafan64899d ago

You better make sure you don't get hit because I guarantee you'll get one shotted otherwise.

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago

Just get some food that gives you those yellow temporary hearts.
Then you can get two-shotted.XD

Zeldafan64899d ago

I don't know the most hearts I've seen anyone be able to get is 8 extra hearts and if what is most assuredly one of the weaker minibosses can take off 3 hearts in one hit I'm almost positive Ganon will be able to take off 11 hearts in one hit.

remixx116899d ago

Lol I'm sure I'll attempt to do this in hero mode after I've beaten the game twice.

Zeldafan64899d ago

Even if you have his pattern down to a t it's going to take forever to kill him with crappy swords and tree branches.

remixx116899d ago

That's true, maddd true. Still gonna love the hell outta this game.

Metallox899d ago

About the hearts, I'm pretty positive that somohow we will get our classic 20 hearts, either by collecting heart containers or preparing more complex recipes, or a mix of both.

Zeldafan64899d ago

Something that concerned me was I heard that heart containers, traditional heart containers and pieces of heart weren't going to be in the game. I sure hope that someone just made that up.

pcz899d ago

it seems that nintendo have made an all new adventure game, and just set it in the zelda universe just to make it saleable.

if its nothing like zelda, then why make it a zelda title? why not give us a new character and new world?

its all marketing.

pcz899d ago

so if there is the usual lava area, link can survive the extreme heat bare chested? thats just silly. same for ice stages.

i liked the different tunics

seems like link has lost his identity

Zeldafan64899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

It is like Zelda, especially the very first one for NES. The main focus of Zelda on NES was exploration and puzzle solving. The main focus in Breath of the Wild is exploration and puzzle solving. Now the game has just expanded to include a lot of new elements, new to the Zelda franchise I mean. The core of what makes a Zelda game a Zelda game is still very much there. Honestly BotW is more in the vein of the original Zelda's vision than any other since the original.

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tanukisuit899d ago

Obligatory: Challenge Accepted!