The Death of Hastings

The last few weeks have been buzzing with more tragic news concerning
gamers’ buying options. The apparent news is that the brick and mortar
store Hastings is in serious financial trouble. Hasting is known for
selling comics, video games, collectibles, dvds, music, and books.

They often have good sales on used games. If this truly is the last gasp of
breath for this store, will gamers get to see fantastic clearance deals on PS4 and Xbox Games? Will Overwatch hit $20? What was the final nail in the coffin?

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SactoGamer943d ago

Too bad they don't have stores here in Nevada. I'd totally patronize the place.

kube00943d ago

I think there is a store in Vegas actually.

SactoGamer943d ago

That location is inside of a casino, so I doubt it's an actual location. That said, I might check it out.

vikingland1943d ago

Sad to hear,Hastings was a cool store it had so many neat things to buy and not just games either.

kube00943d ago

I agree I spent lots of time there in the mid 1990s