Deconstructing G2A's inadequate responses to tinyBuild

G2A's handling of the tinyBuild affair has been inadequate at best, and borders on outright duplicitous. PC Invasion deconstructs the statements.

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Ashlen1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

It's not unreasonable for G2A to expect TinyBuild to take some responsibility for fraud on their own servers. And it's reasonable for G2A to ask them for a list of fraudulent keys in order to disable them. At that point G2A will have to refund the people who bought them. I will admit 3 days is probably a short time. But In G2A's defense they have to refund the people who bought these keys and want to do so in a timely manner. It's unfortunate that this article is so biased. Because TinyBuild is also being unreasonable and making equally ridiculous and aggressive claims. And the beginning of this whole thing starts with poor fraud protection on their own servers.

Goldby1818d ago (Edited 1818d ago )

G2A has sold stolen keys. They are linked with the dark web and stolen credit cards. That is illegal. And g2a should be shut down

Ashlen1818d ago

It's a lot more complicated than just that. If selling stolen goods is going to be the sole decider than I guess we should shut down E-bay and Amazon and any number of other sites that allow resale and auctions since at some point all of them have been used by people who sold stolen goods. The site is not to blame it's the people who are selling the goods in question that should be prosecuted.

Goldby1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

Its stolen credit cards that are used to puchase mass amounts of keys then sold through g2a.

First they blame the other providers that buy directly through the company.
Confirmed that non of them sold to g2a. Excuse number one.

Then they tell them to sell directly through g2a. And to combat the stolen keys they already have on there they would have to sell them for more than 50% of the value they are worth. Excuse number 2

Then they give the company a 3 day ultimatum that they have to provide a list of all the keys they have produced to verify which ones are stolen and which ones are legit (giving them access to a list they could easily sell afterwards)

For a company like Ea or Ubisoft that has hundreds and in some cases thousands of employees, verifying keys could be done within a week, after checking through bundles, giveaways and such. But for a small company thats pushing a ttonne boulder up a hill.

Its a shady company and needs tobe shut down

They already have a bad name with riot games. Anyone in any matter that is affiliated with them us banned