The new PSP 3000 - Is it time to upgrade your hand-held?

With the launch of PSP 3000 around the corner, HEXUS.gaming ask: Is it time to upgrade?

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BLlNK5142d ago

I didn't buy the slim and light. Glad I didn't now. Cause this one will be better.

JohnnyMann4205142d ago

Sorry but SONY really "screwed the pooch"

Imagine if they would have done what EVERYONE has been asking for:

Dual Analog

Two shoulder buttons.

Improve Remote play delay


Everyone with a PS3 would have picked one up.



Sitdown5142d ago

but the way you posted...made me wonder why there has not been a ps3/psp bundle. Imagine a Killzone or LBP bundle that comes with a branded psp...or a GOW 3 ps3 bundle that comes with the red Kratos psp.

castdreams5142d ago

That would be so awesome! I still prefer the 360 to the PS3, but they're both awesome. The PSP is not only my favorite handheld, but one of my favorite systems of all time!

cliffbo5141d ago

why can't people understand!!!!! this is NOT!!! PSP2, this is an upgrade... all those features are things that could appear in the PSP2, but they won't do that in an update because it would alienate certain gamers. can you imagine if a game gets released on the PSP 3000 and uses duel analogue sticks (imagining they are there) that would make 41 million PSP fans furious...

LiamIRL825142d ago

Why they haven't put a few gigs of memory in it instead of being forced to pay extra for a memory stick.

Fux4Bux5142d ago

Because flash memory constantly gets cheaper and cheaper. They should now have maybe 512mb internal for saves, but otherwise it's best to just let people expand. Would be just stupid to have a bunch of PSP 1000s with 32mb internal memory when 1GB is now like $10.

Snarko5142d ago

My psp 1000 perished long ago so im definitely getting this one. Just wish it was out next week or something.

PenisaurisDix5142d ago

My chances of getting a PSP-3000 are directly proportional to the chances that Dark Alex would come out with a custom firmware release.