CES: Wrapup

IPTV will be available this Holiday season.
• 10.4 Million Xbox 360s sold.
• Over 300 titles will be available by the end of the year (160 available now).
• There will be cross platform games between Xbox 360 and Windows Vista, with UNO! being the game demonstrated.
• Windows Vista will support all the community features on the 360 (friends, messages, players) in its own guide menu.

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power of Green 5236d ago

Everybodies playing UNO but me.

PS360PCROCKS5236d ago

and me lol...I play the card edition, but who said 10 million wouldn't happen? hmm...I guess eat your words would be the correct phrase in this situation right? Not only 10 million, but they got halfway to 11 million... :)

TheMART5236d ago


First HD movies on Marketplace, now IPTV will follow...

MS is moving fast I am really curious looking forward trying it myself! I already checked the HD movie download on my USA account but would love to see this all come to the European XBL also

Scrumptious5236d ago

demo was really interesting. With that I can get rid of another box cluttering my home theater. I was truely impresses watching the demo of it. I wonder if it is possible to mathc the demo's speed with DSL.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5235d ago

just keeps getting better, go Microsoft or go home!