TheStar: Soul Calibur IV Review

TheStar Writes:

"While the single player mode serves as a terrific, cathartic, expansive and immersive distraction after a hard days work, Soul Calibur IV really kicks as a two player game; terrific button-mashing nonsense for roommates settling a score or for spouses relieving some tension after the kids are tucked away for the night."

"Take all that online for your ubiquitous two-player match-ups (ranked and unranked) plus stat tracking and all that Achiever stuff and you've got the most complete, most competent Soul Calibur game yet."

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Cynical-Gamerzus3700d ago

Had to comment on this piece of crap minor upgrade!!
Played the PS3 Demo and was not impressed at all.
After all these years comparing this to the Dreamcast version is a given.
And guess what this game looks feels and plays below the Dreamcast version.
As I have said before this game looks like a minor upgrade that just used more memory to its benefit.
Where is the new level designs??? and the massive multi-tiered backdrops and interactive backdrops?? etc..Nothing just same old crap..


It is not close to a 10 that was the Dreamcast version..
HUGE disappointment..

user94220773700d ago

This game is one of the best fighting games I've ever played