Watch Dogs: The Most Unfairly Hated Game this Generation

For all the hate Watch Dogs gets, does it really deserve it?

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crazychris41242949d ago

It definitely wasnt the worst game ever but it also wasnt good. Boring and terrible protagonist, boring open world, no art style, poor performance on PC, stuttering locking features on PC, horrible driving, and more tower unlocks.

Im definitely not getting the next game at launch but I will be keeping an eye on it. No tower unlocks, new character with a personality, new city that appears to have some life in it and more hacking abilities are all great to see. Hopefully this can be like what Assassins Creed 2 was to the 1st game.

dumahim2948d ago

Boring and terrible Protagonist:
I'll agree with boring, but I don't think he was terrible. Not everyone has to be exciting. I know this sounds weird, but I think it can work sometimes and I was ok with it in this game. I compare it to Person of Interest which, for me, is the best network TV drama in the last decade. John Reese was not an exciting person. He is very wooden, withdrawn, and often unemotional. But it worked for the character he was portraying.

Boring open world:

No art style:
It had it's wireframe inside the system look for many things. The rest was a simulation of a real city that doesn't leave a lot of room for interesting art.

PC stuff:
didn't play, but I heard of it, so I won't disagree

horrible driving:
It wasn't great, but it was effective and manageable which is all I need. So many other games get it worse.

More lock towers:
Yep, and I liked them, as cliche as they may be.

jb2272948d ago

It wasn't the worst game ever but it was easily the most frustrating game Ubisoft has released this gen & in some number of years.

It was just poorly thought out from start to finish. The only upside was the hacking mechanic for me...everything else fell somewhere between lackluster & straight up infuriating.

Even dropping the game down to easy, some enemies are still bullet sponges & Aiden is extremely underpowered. They give you tactical options w/ bombs & hacking elements, but then they randomly spawn enemies so you can't really use those options in many instances.

The absolute worst part of the game for me was the Iraq fight. Not only did they so poorly place enemies & cover in an extremely close quarters arena, but every time you died you had to Listen....to....Iraq's.... poor...voice....actor....delive r....garbage....dialogue....in. ..the...slowest....manner...pos sible Every single time. The checkpoint system was just bad for me.

If they throw literally everything else out & just build up from the hacking stuff they could make something cool so I won't count it out, but even 2 years later at a $14 price point I still barely felt the first was was worth getting. Just some basic stuff was very poorly designed.

And Aiden was so uninteresting that he couldn't even get his own wife & kid for the bad guys to kill & threaten, he had to borrow his sister's. That spoke volumes.

Heyxyz2948d ago

Watch Dog's biggest problem was Ubisoft. If Ubisoft didn't strait up lie about the game, I think more people would've warmed up to it. Now, if Ubisoft didn't lie, would the game have been loved like GTA 5? No, because, after all, it's simply an average game, but there are a lot of people who love average games. I believe most of this game's hate isn't for the game itself, rather it's for Ubisoft.

Benchm4rk2948d ago

I really enjoyed it. I don't understand the hate.


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Watch Dogs Deserves A Remake, More Than Ever

With the world of information and technology, privacy and security growing every day, Watch Dogs deserves another chance in the spotlight, now more than ever.

RaidenBlack1088d ago

The only Ubi title that deserves a faithful remake right now is Splinter Cell 1.
All 2014+ Ubi titles are just underwhelming. Especially ones from 2016+ are just cancer.

LucasRuinedChildhood1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Seriously, are we so far removed from Ubisoft actually making good games that people now praise Watch_Dogs in retrospect?

"Watch_Dogs has remained one of my favourite games of the last ten years." Jesus Christ.

HankHill1088d ago

I remember being so disappointed in Watch Dogs when I played it at release. It was alright, but I think I fell for the hype and I needed a game to play on my new PS4.

obidanshinobi1088d ago

This is what happens when mediocrity gets praised as good.
Standards are slipping across the whole entertainment industry.
What was once considering rubbish is now considered as OK, what once was OK is now being praised as good etc etc.

LamerTamer1087d ago

Everyone has their own likes. I liked it a lot myself. I played through it twice and liked the car chases and the open world with fairly decent environments and missions. It suffered from the whole downgrade thing where they showed graphics that weren't actually there. No game will appeal to everyone but it was still ambitious for it's time.

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gantarat1088d ago

assassin's creed 1 should get a remake.

ExBee1088d ago

For certain! AC1 was brilliant at the time but with new graphics and gameplay it would be amazing! Do you prefer old combat or new though?

RaidenBlack1088d ago

I'd say a reimagining of AC1.
I direct AC1 remake would be a bad idea. It'll need better story pacing and significant better world building.

BlaqMagiq11087d ago

Old. Let it play like how it did with AC2-Syndicate style gameplay but refine the setting and story.

Profchaos1088d ago

It would need a lot changed for it to be enjoyable again as even back in 2007 on launch we were all complaining about it's repetitive gameplay go here perform one of three side quests repeat then assassination now do it over and over until a big battle with a unforgiving checkpoint system.

BlaqMagiq11087d ago

Absolutely. It needs it. The only AC I truly didn't enjoy.

chicken_in_the_corn1087d ago

I'd prefer it didn't. Ubisoft would make it so bloated, it wouldn't be anywhere near the original

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smolinsk1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

Absolutely, this watch dogs legion was terrible boring.

Profchaos1088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

As a fan of the franchise legion was garbage and I regretted my purchase for the first time in the franchise the entire thing felt like an experiment in NPC behaviour and released without the writers input on what makes a good story.

I don't think I'm alone in that feeling though as wrench and Aiden are brought back and the campaign was rewritten to fit them.

I am tempted to buy the season pass to play it again with Aiden but fool me twice shame on me I'm waiting for a deep sale

camel_toad1088d ago

Agreed. Despite the annoying hipness of the characters in part 2 I thought it was a really fun game. I was extremely disappointed and surprised at how many steps back they took with Legion. You'd think it was made by an entirely different team. Or was it?

It was just so devoid of fun.

LamerTamer1087d ago

Honestly one of my biggest annoyances with Legion is that they took out the camera views for the driving. I mean the behind the car view that they stuck us with is near unplayable. I always used a first person driving view. After two releases why did they take OUT features? I don't get it.

TheSinsibleOne1088d ago

The fist watchdog game was the best by far
After that they weren't weird and annoying with that hipster stuff. Aiden was a badass.

LamerTamer1087d ago

I thought so at first too. I got used to it and it ended up being good after some play time. I just had to give it a chance.