TheStar: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

TheStar Writes:

"Controller mechanics are finely tuned and patiently playable with an club swing emulated with the right thumbstick, which is analog so your every nudge and camber translates to a believable, physics-laden smack, complete with draw or fade or worm-burning skuller, intentional or otherwise. Graciously, there's also the option to play with the simpler, swing-metered button taps, old school."

"But what really makes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 the one to buy this year -- and hang on to for years to come, mayhap -- is its polished online multiplayer component where you can join a foursome (or a wealth of customized challenges, tournaments, etc., for that matter) that's very much like real golf except without the all the waiting around looking at the trees and maybe accidently coughing when buddy's on his backswing."

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