Disaster: Day of Crisis Details and European Release Date

Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, flood, hurricane... and the small matter of an ex-military terrorist group with their hands on some nuclear weapons - and all in just 24 hours?! Welcome to Disaster: Day of Crisis, the action adventure game on Wii from Nintendo and Monolith Soft., sweeping across Europe on 24th October 2008 guaranteed to bring out the survival skills in everyone.

Stepping into the shoes of Raymond Bryce, a traumatised but highly decorated retired US marine and former operative of the International Rescue Team, prepare for a day like no other. Called back into action to deal with the threat of SURGE, an ex-military terrorist unit led by former elite forces specialist Colonel Hayes, Ray must overcome personal tragedy and numerous devastating natural disasters to prevent the threat of nuclear warfare.

Wracked with guilt over the loss of his best friend in the line of duty, Ray finds out that SURGE has kidnapped a leading seismologist and his assistant to predict the arrival of an earthquake, which will act as...

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kevco333703d ago

...but I can't wait to finally play a REAL videogame on my Wii!

October 24th! Whoop!

kesvalk3703d ago

finally a game that isn't cartoony and good at the same time, hope they get this game right...

ChickeyCantor3702d ago

...=( still hoping for a Windwaker Wii =(.

Nugan3702d ago

Has that release date been confirmed? Or are they just basing their statement on the 10/24 release date rumor posted a few days ago?

Nugan3702d ago


Now where is the North American release date? One would think that we'd get it the same time as and/or before Europe.

DarkBlood3702d ago

what exactly do you mean by real when you say that are you talking real game like house of the dead or real like reality

kevco333702d ago

"real" like, as in a traditional videogame. rather than a mini-game compilation or sports title...

DarkBlood3702d ago

ah i see theres tend to be quite a few cheap games if ya get my meaning