Microsoft Gave Their Best E3 Conference in Years At E3 2016

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece which praises Microsoft for giving a solid and very impressive E3 conference after years of shows that were considered lacking.

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ninsigma1817d ago

I agree. I enjoyed their show this year. My one negative is that only 2 games shown were actually new while the rest we saw last year. Other than that the gameplay showings were good, the gears controller looked awesome! I really like the idea of customising your own controller too. Cool to see the new consoles (slim looks very nice) but I don't think the fluff piece video was very necessary. Just having Phil explain what it is would have sufficed. Actually I just remembered the minecraft segment. Stop bringing that to these conferences. It's never good and anyone who is actually interested will watch the minecraft dedicated con. But yeah, their best since before this gen started I think.

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candystop1817d ago

I really didn't care for the show on the games front although they did show some really nice stuff. The Scorpio announcement was deep and powerful though strangely announced! People need to relax simply because it doesn't matter who had the better showing. As long as both companies continue to out do each other it's a win for all of us. Thank you Sony for stepping into the VR realm and thank you MS for finally going back to your hard-core computer roots!

BlakHavoc1817d ago

I agree, this e3 was everything I wanted and more! To say the least it was awesome. Except for you EA... your conference was💩.

Garethvk1817d ago

While their conference was lacking, EA play was great. We started our coverage on Tuesday with them as we had someone cover the conference as we did not get into area until late Monday. They were great, the Novo was fantastic and Battlefield 1 and TitanFall 2 hands on were amazing. the new FIFA and Madden were great and they even gave us some stuff we could use like a bag, shirts, boxed lunch and so on. We were out in plenty of time to rest in the press room and charge the electronics and have lunch that E3 provided before they opened the doors.

ninsigma1817d ago

Would have liked a proper look at the new star wars games. Other than that EA doesn't really interest me :/

Garethvk1817d ago

That was a huge letdown. No Star Wars game news of any significance.

gtxgamer21817d ago

Lol I guess xboxers don't care about games

Walter_Official1817d ago

Its a good year to be a gamer.

rigo85821817d ago

I liked this years E3 mainly because I like hardware. From a games perspective I thought this year wasn't as good for me. I thought last year with Halo 5 and backwards compatibility was better from a games perspective. No doubt I want to get project scorpio.

DeadlyOreo1816d ago

What good is a new console though without Microsoft announcing any new games? Minecraft expansions and another Forza.

rigo85821816d ago

Did you not read the whole thing. I did say this year was weaker in terms of games. There is 3rd party so the games are going to be there regardless. I'm also always an early adopter so I'm used to hardware having limited software in the early days.

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The story is too old to be commented.