Criterion Games No Longer Going ‘Beyond Cars’

Criterion Games was set to go 'beyond cars' but took a permanent pit stop to work on another Electronic Arts title.

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BattleAxe1815d ago (Edited 1815d ago )

Terrible news. Their talent has been squandered ever since they released Burnout Paradise, which was such a fantastic game. I'm not too into racing games, but I'm thinking of getting Forza Horizon 3 since it looks somewhat similar, but I'm worried that I wont like it as much as Burnout Paradise. Can anyone tell me if Forza Horizon 2 was as good as Burnout Paradise, and does Forza Horizon have anywhere near as good of a soundtrack?

Patricko1815d ago

Their talent was squandered ever since they make a deal with EA. It's EA that is "consuming" all good companies that decided to make a deal with them. Maxis, BullFrog, BlackBox, Westwood and I think Visceral is next in line...

TheColbertinator1815d ago

Forza Horizon is more similar to Project Gotham Racing in terms of style. Burnout Paradise is more similar to Split Second,Blur and a maybe on NFS Rivals.

Kurisu1815d ago

Yeah, it is a shame. The concept trailer for the extreme sports title looked pretty cool and I was looking forward to getting more info on it.

KiwiViper851814d ago

Forza Horizon 2 is better than Burnout Paradise in every way, except crash cam.

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Kallisti1815d ago

Never heard of this "Beyond Cars" game but it sounds like it would have been awesome. Hopefully we get a new Burnout game this gen and maybe even a followup to their PS2/Xbox first person shooter Black someday as well.

iNathan1815d ago

They made Black wich was amazing!

LucasRuinedChildhood1815d ago

No!!! I've said this a lot, but I was really pissed off when no Skate or SSX game was revealed at E3 (it's never going to happen now), and now this. They better not JUST be working on Battlefront (flying, it seems) and Star Wars games like the VR game. If EA shuts down Criterion after all this ....

Forum_Pirate1815d ago

Criterion is dead. Most of their talented creators left years ago. What you see now is EA using their corpse as marionette. Kinda like Rare. Let them stay down, we aren't losing anything.

(PS, Burnout 3 is still peak Burnout)