GamerTM: Castle Crashers Review

Gamer: "Three years after we first saw the announcement of the promising follow-up to the cult hit Alien Hominid; Castle Crashers has finally been released on Xbox Live Arcade for patient gamers to finally get their hands on the game. Instead of the humorous side-scrolling shooter that Alien Hominid was, Castle Crashers is a beat-'em-up with an RPG level-up system infused in it to add depth and replay value to whole game. Weighing in at a hefty 1200 Microsoft points, it seems like this $15 XBLA game has a whole lot more to it to avoid the controversy that that price point has caused in the past."

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pwnamon3751d ago

I loved castle crashers demop but I haven't picked up the proper version yet due to lack of funds =(