Under $15 PS4 games sale feature inFamous: Second Son, Republique and more

Several PS4 games have been discounted to under $15: Assassin's Creed Unity Limited Edition, Call of Duty: Ghosts, inFamous: Second Son, Metro Redux, Minecraft: PS4 Edition, Republique and Until Dawn.

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Fist4achin1823d ago

I think I have to pick up Until Dawn. I've heard good things about it.

Gaming4Life19811823d ago

Until dawn was just ok to me. I didnt like heavy rain or beyond two souls and decided to give this game a try cause it was 20 bucks. At 20 i wasnt disappointed but this game made realize once again I dont like this genre of games.

Fist4achin1823d ago

Got it. Now I know somewhat what to expect. I was okay with heavy rain. I did enjoy beyond two souls. Thanks for the heads up!

PsylentKiller1822d ago

Good analogy for Until Dawn and you make a good point. If you don't like Quantic dream there is a high chance you won't like Until Dawn. But I do think that Until Dawn is a better version of those games.

Just want to say I love the name. I was born in July 1981 and was hooked on gaming ever since i sat on the floor 4 feet in front of the living room tv, joystick in hand, shooting boats, gas tanks, and helicopters in River Raid.

PsylentKiller1822d ago

Gaming4Life1981's opinion is about the norm for people that don't go I to this game with the right mindset. I didn't care too much for the other Quantic Dreams games either. I beat them but never felt the need to go back again. However, Until Dawn, for me, is way better than those games. I believe it is because I am a fan of '80s horror movies. Having the mindset of playing Until Dawn like it is a B horror movie may make the experience more enjoyable. The story is weak and filled with cliches but that's what made those movies great.
The game took me about 15 hours to complete which is about the norm for the first go around and with the multiple branching paths and endings, I think it's worth the price of admission.

Gaming4Life19811822d ago

Yea i agree until dawn is like a 80ies horror movie and to be honest I beat the game in one day with almost every secret found cause I was hooked on the story. Thats why i think at 20 bucks it is worth it and its definitely better than heavy rain and beyond two souls. Its also a great game that your gf or whomever can sit there and watch you play or play themselves as it is not difficult but keeps you wanting to know more.

I was born in oct 1981 and it always is fascinating to me for people like us that have seen gaming evolve to what it is now especially since we are still gamers. If i could name one thing i miss is arcades, no greater feeling than being face to face with your opponent and winning with everyone watching.

alfcrippinjr1823d ago

all the infamous games are very good well worth the money
open good and then evil total different game play

Relientk771823d ago

Eww Call of Duty: Ghosts, burn it! Burn it!

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