How Sony Impressed Yet Again At E3 2016

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece which looks at the strong performance of Sony at E3 2016 and how this continued the trend of impressive conferences for the company.

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RuleNumber51828d ago

Absolutely loved the Days Gone demo, that was some intense stuff!

Garethvk1828d ago

They had a lot of great stuff so very exciting times ahead.

darthv721828d ago

God of War, Horizon and the X-wing VR were the ones I was most interested in. Great stuff indeed.

Gamist2dot01828d ago

What I liked about Sony' conference was that it was fresh to see a live orchestra, and there wasn't a moment where I wanted the show to speed up or skip to the next announcement. I was entertained through out the entire presentation,

andrewsquall1827d ago

The one part I was dreading was the Call of Duty segment. But then it turned out to be entertaining. For me it wasn't the footage though, just the reactions of people on live comment streams so torn up on "can I hate on this or not" because nobody was 100% sure it was COD. :)

stuna11828d ago

They impressed because of the games. Not taking anything away from Microsoft, because they had a great conference. The thing is where they lost some steam is they announced 2 consoles, but neglected things on the game side.

And before someone goes on to say they showed games and their release dates, ask yourselves how long ago were the majority of those games announced? How many of those games were new Ip's or just continuations of Ip's that everyone has come to expect? How many of those games screamed we can't see or play this anywhere else, PC's for example?

Then look at the announced 2 consoles. How can new buyers not be confused about making an informed choice on which console to buy when technically Microsoft have in a sense made the Xbox1 and Xbox S obsolete from the start!?

A new consumer has in essence been given a reason to wait!

Alexious1828d ago

Well, Microsoft showcased a console that is far away, Sony showcased games that are far away. I'd say they were even

OB1Biker1828d ago

I guess many are misinformed and Sony could possibly add a short vid at the end showing the games releasing in the next months. Like there was one with GT, Bound and a few but many don't know about Hellblade or Dragon Quest Builder and many others so they get uninformed impressions.

tanukisuit1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

Builders is confirmed for October, the last time I checked...

MasterCornholio1828d ago

Sony has many developers working for them so we already knew that there would be many game announcements in the future. The only question was when those announcements would be made.

Sunny_D1828d ago

Horizon and Spiderman and pretty much everything except the FF15 VR demo impressed me at Sony's E3.

Pongwater1827d ago

Yeah FF15 is the first FF since 8 that I'm considering purchasing, but FFVR looked awful.