Hands-on with The Last Guardian: this is not the game you thought it would be

The textures seemed flat and, considering we’re talking about a single-player game in an enclosed environment here, the lighting and particle effects appeared positively prehistoric.

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spicelicka1817d ago

Good to hear someone actually got to play it. I think most fans of team ICO probably don't care much about the graphics. I was really hoping to see PS4 level graphics though, the animation is amazing, I could only imagine the experience with better tech.

naruga1817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )

i disagree .. im thankful that the game didnt change a thing form its visuals in order to satisfy PS4 audience ..we need this game intact...

Shadow of the colossus didnt have the best of the best graphics on PS2 , but those grapihics had a purpose ----> to serve the unmatched artistic direction of Uedas team, the same goes for Last Guardian , whoever( like the author of the article) judge negatively the visuals of TLG is ignorant stupid or does it on purpose ...i repeat we want this game INTACT from its pS3 iteration

spicelicka1817d ago

No what you're saying is stupid. Why would you want an old version of the game? That's like saying to devs, hey give me the alpha build of your game!

Firstly, if you want that, great for you but that's selfish of you to demand that for everyone else.

Secondly, better graphics doesn't change the art style. It would only serve the purpose better. Not sure why you're assuming that. Shadow of the Colossus didn't have the best graphics but still looked amazing, it would only look MORE amazing if the graphics were better. Better lighting, better texture, better effects, should be incorporated into the game to make the experience more appealing without losing the art style, devs make sure of that. How do you know it would look bad if you haven't even seen it?

Not saying graphics are integral to the game, I'm sure gameplay would be great. It's one thing to be indifferent to the graphics, and another to forcibly hold the game back because you have some personal time-stamp on the progress.

uth111817d ago (Edited 1817d ago )


People have waited how many years for this? How many more will it take if they upgrade their engine and visuals?

Gazondaily1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )


Its a fair point but we shouldn't make concessions because of the delays. The opposite should be the case; the quality should be enhanced to justify the delays.

I like the art style a lot though but better lighting and textures wouldn't go amiss.

But a game like this can still deliver, not focusing on raw visual fidelity but on a sublime art style. I'm confident this game will really be great and hammer home the 'feels' like the other games in this vein.

blady_man1816d ago

@ naruga: u real?! So when a game comes out and the graphics are bad its ok to downgrade the game but with this game is actually a better thing! Please open your eyes, im a fan of the game too but i would be lying if i said o dont mind having ps3 graphics on my ps4!!

MachuchalBrotha3161816d ago

Although I have no issues with TLG graphics its funny to see how people are all of a sudden ignorant for wanting better looking games. When you are always knocking Xbox games for

Kleptic1816d ago

So...'we' want it to look like PS3 game...but release only on the PS4...?

only trying to keep up...

I loved SoTC just as much as the next guy, but honestly...That's reaching even by fanatic standards...

holin41816d ago

Now that we ve read your comment we are all a bit more stupid!

AndrewLB1816d ago

I could have sworn i remember reading comments from many of you guys talking about how glad the game was delayed in order to bring the graphics up to date with modern visuals...

yay1111816d ago

Thats unbelievably backward >.>

bouzebbal1816d ago

Just give me this game already...

Gaming_Cousin1816d ago


Your so called indie game is going to outsell 99% of Xbox One games

BattleAxe1816d ago

So graphics don't matter now........

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pcz1816d ago

i actually bought a ps3 in anticipation for this game around 2010... 6 years ago!

the length of time taken to produce this game suggests a troubled development. im afraid it will be another duke nukem forever, a game stuck in development hell, and only released because so much time and money has been invested in it that it would be a waste not to.

of course im hoping im wrong, and they have managed to turn around what has obviously been a game that has been a nightmare to produce, but im sceptical.

fiveby91816d ago

"and only released because so much time and money has been invested in it that it would be a waste not to..

Yes I agree this is possibly what happened if the game turns out poorly. Hopefully not though. But I am reminded of the saying "Don't throw good money after bad". I have to imagine if it was really poor Sony would have pulled the plug on it.

Concertoine1816d ago

Honestly for all the western studios that Sony has partially layed off or closed entirely, the fact that Team Ico has been getting a paycheck despite their last game being over 10 years ago on the PS2 is really baffling.

Here's to hoping the game delivers, though.

The 10th Rider1816d ago

Especially with Ueda leaving during the development (though he's still involved with the Last Guardian.) That doesn't give off the best vibes. I'm hoping we get another masterpiece, but I'm keeping my expectations in check because there are signs that this could be a bomb.

As far as still throwing money at a bad or troubled game, just look at all the hype for the game, they'd have to be stupid not to.

StrawberryDiesel4201816d ago

Red Dead Redemption had similar rumors about troubled development and that game turned out amazing. The Last Guardian will be a phenomenal game I'm sure, at the same time I expect ridiculous scrutiny when review time comes for certain "journalists."


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andrewsquall1816d ago

And yet an "old" version of the game will easily trump just about everything out there. When Shadow of the Colossus launched on PS2, it literally dropped to 5fps at times during some of the bigger encounters. It didn't stop the game from being more next gen than anything on Xbox 360 at the time (and there still isn't a game on 360 I can think of 10 years later that has insanely advanced animations like the ones seen in SOTC).

Playing The Witcher 3 (for the first time with the new 1.20 update), after 10 seconds of using the horse, I could already laugh at how Agro in Shadow of the Colossus annihilates it by caparison in animations and smooth precise control and movement. I mean, it is shocking how terrible the horse, the only means of transport, is in The Witcher 3, the unanimous GOTY from last year.

The Last Guardian has NOTHING to compete with but its two spiritual predecessors.

DJustinUNCHAIND1816d ago

What flavor Kool-Aid is on the menu today?

spicelicka1816d ago

"When Shadow of the Colossus launched on PS2, it literally dropped to 5fps"

"It is shocking how terrible the horse, the only means of transport, is in The Witcher 3, the unanimous GOTY from last year."
Did not know you were playing horse simulator 2k15.

WelkinCole1816d ago

Huh?. You do know Ueda games is not about graphics and his approach to game design is minimalist right?. Obviously you have no idea.

Ueda games is predominately about level design. The best I have ever seen in my 30 years of gaming.

Ueda is very old school in game design but the tech he uses is something you would not see often. Like once in a generation.

Trico animation is something we will not see again for a long time. Same way seeing a living breathing collisi was once in a lifetime event back in the PS2 days.

While his game design is old school. Ueda manages to invoke such huge emotion from the players with his use of the environment/atmosphere and relationship between characters. He invokes memories of your fav childhood fantasy books/movies with his games where you actually get to play it.

Make no mistake though. His games are not the usual blockbuster game where you will kill countless enemies or even much dialog.

Its just amazing how he is able to invoke such emotion and thought from his minimalist and old school game design approach and simple premise for his games.

For example Wanda in SOTC. When playing him and carrying out his task you start to wonder if you are the greatest and bravest ever person or are you really the most selfish person alive. There is no dialog but Ueda manages to convey this though his game design.

Ueda is a genius on the same level as Kojima and I can't wait to play his game.

spicelicka1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

I don't see how anything you said couldn't be even better on PS4. Never said anything about game design or animation, they have always been amazing as they will be in TLG. I know exactly what you're talking about don't worry. There is a sense of beauty in the simplicity of the graphics, but that doesn't mean adapting to the power will impede on that simplicity.

You do realize something like Shadow of the Colossus wouldn't be possible on PS1? They took advantage of the PS2 and used that to create the stunning animations and atmosphere unique to SOTC. Similarly, the Last Guardian has advanced animations, the rustling of feathers, environmental destruction, carefully placed lighting, and waving blades of grass that add to the art style using PS3's power, and would not be possible on PS2.

That's all my point is, the Last Guardian looks beautiful from an artistic standpoint, but I don't believe it represents what the team could've done had they developed with the PS4's power, it's still very much a PS3 game. This is not necessarily a bad thing, we should just be happy it's finally coming out. But I just think reviewers will consider that as a negative, and that's fine too.

JMyers1816d ago

Loads of people played it at E3. Previews and impressions are up on many sites.

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IamTylerDurden11816d ago

The technical wonder of the creature is astounding imo.

Pongwater1816d ago

Nothing in this article tells me the game isn't what I thought it would be.

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1815d ago
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Zediz1817d ago

Criticized Scalebound that was in beta and is an RPG open world, but why with Sony changes the argument? Even as a linear game and with "development" 10 year!

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jessionpc1816d ago

Scalebound is criticized because the protagonist sounds like an american teenage dudekid with beats by dr dre headphones on...

To be fair though, honest consumers are also dissapointed with The Last Guardian as well though, including me.

Saito1816d ago

How can you be disappointed by a game you have not played?

rezzah1816d ago

Why are those who are disappointing with TLG "honest"?

iceman061816d ago

It's possible to criticize BOTH games for separate issues. Some people expected more from Scalebound than what they've seen (not just Sony fans either) and some people will be upset with the apparent lack of extra shine on TLG after a prolonged development cycle. Criticism doesn't have to be exclusive OR comparable to be valid.

pcz1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

this game has been in development for ten years....! to put things into perspective, 10 years ago-

-obama wasnt even the president of the united states of america

- android didnt even exist

- The Shard (londons tallest skyscraper) didnt even exist

-the one world trade centre (replacing the twin towers) was beginning construction (and completed in 2013)

-bluray was launched

etc etc

there have been massive developments in the world in the last 10 years... for this game to take ten years to produce is an outrage, especially running at 30fps with (frankly) last gen graphics lol

the game is too late now, it belonged on the ps3 and will not ever achieve the impact it would have if it was released on schedule.

the guardian would have blown people away 5 or 6 years ago, now all it can hope to achieve is quaintness.


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stuna11817d ago

Really !? If people really thought that PlayStation gamers were waiting on The Last Guardian because of graphics they know nothing! Were Shadow of the Colossus or Ico graphical masterpieces? No, but I'll tell you what! They were Storytelling Masterpieces! And that is what gamers are waiting on when it comes to the Last guardian.

Rimeskeem1817d ago

Shadow of the Colossus was a technical masterpiece.

IRetrouk1816d ago

Yeah but not a graphical one, sotc is my no1 all time game, but even when it released it didnt look stand out amazing.

Rimeskeem1816d ago

I agree, not graphical but it was technology wise.

nX1816d ago

^Well it couldn't have been a graphical masterpiece with the PS2's capabilities.
I fully expect TLG to push the video game medium forward like it's predecessors, even with upscaled PS3 visuals.

IRetrouk1816d ago

Just to be clear, the games never looked bad but they were not know for their graphics, story, gameplay and the emotional attactment to an animal is what i remember everyone talking about, and yes im more than old enough to remember the launch, and the mags, which i still have, point being is graphics are not the most inportant aspect when it comes to studio japan.

rezzah1816d ago

It has the best horse in the history of gaming to date (referring to the control and feel of the horse when in motion).

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OoglyBoogly1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

"Were Shadow of the Colossus or Ico graphical masterpieces? No..."

Were you old enough to play games when these were out on the PS2? Both those games were most certainly celebrated for their graphics at the time they came out. The cloth physics on the characters, particles, SIZE and SCOPE of the worlds they were set in.

Yeah, ICO and SotC were both very popular and the graphics had a lot to do with that. Even to this day SotC looks damn good.

1816d ago
Melankolis1816d ago

It was good alright....but that's because they used neutral colors....white, black, which they didn't look's just for artistic purpose....

Of course, given the vastness of the world, i kind of understand why SOtC couldn't have had the graphic at it's best....

NarooN1816d ago

So much this. I remember back in 2001, all the game mags were going crazy talking about the cloth physics, particle fx, post-process fx and other bells & whistles when ICO came out. Same went for SotC. Those games looked amazing and had the story/atmosphere/gameplay to back them up.

stuna11816d ago

Actually I was but graphics weren't what sold people on SoTC or Ico, I'll agree with the technical side of things, but for sure every time those 2 games where mentioned it usually was concerning the story and emotional responses that they received. For me I still have the PS2 versions or should I say the originals as well as the PS3.

You can check my PSN id Stuna1

Lng1010101816d ago

Yup. It was amazing seeing and fighting the first Colossus.

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Melankolis1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

True, fans want the best graphic if possible, but they love storytelling the most. in another words, great storytelling + decent graphic is just enough.
Even i won't mind if Yu Suzuki make Shenmue 3 with Dreamcast/Xbox quality (well, but HD of course) if that speed up the development, say 2 or 3 years faster?.
IMO, unlike western developers, Japanese tend to make game's graphic "artistically" great. Which is good too...SOtC was artistically great, so was Dragon Quest VIII, and there were more others...

MachuchalBrotha3161816d ago

Actually yes they were, atleast for that generation. Im talking graphically impressive.

1816d ago
MachuchalBrotha3161816d ago

@star, fair enough but Im glad you guys understood me.

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isarai1817d ago

Well i didn't think it was suddenly going to look better than what has been shown. Also when did realtime global illumination and fur simulation become "prehistoric" is every aspect bleeding edge? No, but it's still aesthetically a far more beautiful game than most.

Thatguy-3101816d ago

A lot of the detail is placed on trico. But like many said the story is what people want from these games. Plus don't judge it until you're playing the retail copy. Regardless of how it looks I dig the art style.

Lng1010101816d ago

I disagree. Story is the last thing I want from these games. Both Ico/SotC had very basic plots. The gameplay was what made them great.

ThatGuyDart1816d ago

Was expecting some actual info but instead we have another person complaining about the graphics... -___-

This game is not about graphics.

Gazondaily1816d ago

Did you only read half of the article?

The author talks about the controls, gameplay and generally about the game too.

deafdani1816d ago (Edited 1816d ago )

This is N4G, where 99% of commenters only read the title of the article and rush to the comment section.

This site should change its name to H4G. Headlines for Gamers.