Forget Final Fantasy XV, Pay Attention to NieR: Automata Instead

Twinfinite writes:

Final Fantasy XV and NieR: Automata are two JRPGs Square Enix will be publishing relatively soon. Here's why NieR deserves your attention too.

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Nitrowolf21826d ago

Nier just looks absolutely fantastic at E3.
This will probably end up being a very underrated game in terms of exposure and how many people will play it.

psyduck1826d ago

As a NieR game, this makes perfect sense.

miyamoto1824d ago

I will encourage SE and Platinum Games to make games like NieR and just be true to themselves and not do crappy games for American publishers.

Aceman181823d ago

I'll be getting both games.

psyduck1826d ago

Like, I've been waiting a decade for Final Fantasy XV. I played through EVERY mainline Final Fantasy last year to prepare myself for it.

And yet, I'm not nearly as hyped for it as I feel like I should be. I'm much more excited for NieR Automata and I Am Setsuna, to be honest.

Clover9041824d ago

I can't pick just one. I'll be playing every one of those game day one. So excited :)

persona4chie1824d ago

Or you could just get both 😕

Aceman181823d ago

Exactly the gaming media is the absolute worst, and the gamers who give them weight are no better either.

As a gamer you should buy whatever game (s) you want, and I this instance I'll be buying both of these games because they look fantastic.

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S-Word1824d ago

I already forgot about FFXV when they turned a spinoff into a mainline title after downgrading it. As for Nier...Never cared about it & never will. Platinum Games is making it so I would've avoided it regardless of what it was anyway.

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zeuanimals1824d ago

Never read something so close minded on this site, and I've seen someone go on a racist tangent.

Chexs19901823d ago

Well, that was... helpful...

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The story is too old to be commented.