The house that Sony built :: PS4 and why it's still going strong

Ayush sits down and analyses the different strategies that Sony, MS and Nintendo have used over the past 4 years, and opiniates why he thinks Sony has done a great job building the PS4 not only at E3 but for the last 4 years.

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NewMonday1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

the platform has matured now and it keeps pushing one great exclusive after another

so far for me :

Ratchet and Clank
Shadow of the Beast

and coming up in 2016:
Star Ocean 5
I Am Setsuna (successor to Chrono Trigger)
Last Guardian
Gravity Rush 2
GT Sport
Ni-Oh(if it makes it this year)

that's about 9 exclusives, as for 3rd party I only want 4 games, and 1st quarter next year it will be exclusives that save the day again with Horizon and Persona 5

this shows Playstation now has the thing more important than specs, its diverse games.

NewMonday1823d ago

for sure PS4 has much more exclusives, I merely listed the games I want for myself.

Kiwi661822d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Wasn't specs , like gpu , clock speed etc used by some against the competition since the start of this gen when they argued over which console had the better specs so whats changed to make that arguement null & void all of a sudden , just curious @Gamer its not a narrative it was simply a damn question and my point is that it was hardcore fans who argued over it as they made lists about it , so if you don't like people asking questions then maybe this site isn't for you

gamerswin241822d ago

Which gamers ever say specs don't matter besides fanatical fanboys. Specs and hardware are always important but not the most important. Software, software. Software! Problem with microsoft is even if thy end up with a more powerful system they dont have the quality, quantity or variety of Sony ips. They also dont have the caliber of developers like ND. Of course this is my opinion :) but ps3 with its highest ratef exclusives showed this with tons of variety and ps4 seems to following in its steps.

Stop pushing the bs narrative that ppl are flip flopping saying hardware doesnt matter, it always does.

jessionpc1822d ago

Idk about you, but I bought as PS4 for Disgaea 5. I played that for like 250 hours. Then god bless my weak knees, Bloodborne came out. Said goodbye to a good month over that... Now I'm going to get to relive my childhood with FF7 someday. I just... Couldn't be happier.

Pongwater1822d ago

Sure, just like "some" said Kinect would change the gaming world, and "some" said XB1 would dominate despite it's initial reveal and policies. Quoting what "some" said to make a general point doesn't always work out well, it seems.

NewMonday1822d ago


nothing changed, the PS4Neo will release a full year ahead and will be stronger than the XB1 by over 300%

the Scorpio will launch a year late and will only be 40% stronger than the Neo but also more expensive with no exclusives

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Ravenheartzero1822d ago

No mention of Bloodborne!? Blasphemy!

NewMonday1822d ago

Platinumd Bloodborn last year, all these games are 2016 alone

lunatic00011822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

i think sony has done a great my opinion though i think ms helped them quite a bit with their disastrous xbox1 reveal that left a bad taste to lots of gamers which made them jump ship...but even after that sony has done a great job to keep those people interested in the ps my ps4 and i look forward to many great things to come in the future

theIndianNoob1822d ago

Agreed, in fact that makes an integral part of my argument. MS have not been able to decide which vision to pursue, and they have changed it every year. On the other hand Sony found out what works, and then just kept delivering the same.

jessionpc1822d ago

Sony has been top dog a fair while before Xbox even came along. They didn't help anything.

Sony has continued to own the console gaming industry since it's first step into gaming until now, with NO signs of that changing in the future.

They got the games, they got the creativity, they got the passion... They're the artists here.

What has M$ done?... Fired a couple 10's of thousands of employees when they didn't need too, close a couple of the best gaming studios out there? Go back on their word about their new console HOW many times???...

Thanks M$, i'm really LOVING paying a monthly fee to play with my friends on your competitors console btw. I can't even blame Sony, it's too much money to pass up.

lunatic00011822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I'm not saying Sony isn't doing a good job but xbox 360 did make a dent on the install base the ps1 and 2 had...there is a reason the ps3 is the console that sold the least compared to PS and ps2....Sony learned their lesson this gen as well as taking advantage of the disastrous xb1 reveal...there is a reason Sony took shots at ms about how their console had no drm..can play used games, being cheaper as well as not having to be connected online all the time publicly...they took paid off...and they got many gamers that played on 360 back...FYI Sony wast top dog last gen and I never questioned sony's past accomplishments I'm talking about this gen and how well sony marketed the ps4 as a console for gamers unlike the xb1 which didn't know what it wanted to be

SynestheticRoar1822d ago

Because gamers live here mother F-ers.

gamerswin241822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Simple, its built on a foundation of quality, quantity and a variety of games that other companies dont offer or cant compete with. They offer you great sequels but dont fall back on their laurels and also offer new continuous ips. Its easy for a company to just rely on regurgitated formulas or ips, thnk god Sony is in the fray so we can experience new experiences and ips like "Dreams, TLOU, Soon TLG, Journey, Drive Club, Resogun, Soon Horizon, Until Dawn, Days gone in the future and so many others. Now ushering and innovating with the first true vr solution for consoles with games like Rigs, London Heist, Robinson, Farpoint, all looking great.

Also the hardware and its features always tend to be competent and well done.The competitors also have their strengths in tht respect as well.

BlaqMagiq11822d ago

They have a great console with TONS of exclusives coming. This is nothing new for PS. I'm glad PS4 my console of choice this gen just like every PS has been before it.