Bleszinski: Sony and Microsoft interested, console still "a big maybe"

In an interview with GRTV Boss Key Productions' Cliff Bleszinski opened up a slight window of opportunity for a console version of Lawbreakers.

"I wouldn't rule out putting the game on console eventually down the line, but we sure as hell aren't doing it ourselves. We're at about 65 people and I want to keep that medium sized development studio family fell to it. And let's just say there's interested parties at both Sony and Microsoft. It's a business, you never know what's going to happen with any sort of negotiation."

"It's a big maybe, right now. We just want to get this game awesome and out and kicking butt on PC."

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Filmicfps1817d ago

Overwatch has stolen this game's thunder.

Fist4achin1817d ago

I would think it would be released on consoles as well, just on the making more of a profit aspect.

cfc831817d ago

Have Overwatch, so...

Haru1817d ago

like anybody cares for his game LOL

keep it on pc dude nobody on console cares for you or your game

Darkwatchman1817d ago

I play on console and this game looks interesting to me??? Don't speak for everyone just because you're not interested in a game

jessionpc1816d ago

He's just mad that the guys rich and has a 10/10 gf with lambo's in his garage and hot pool parties.


NeverEver1817d ago

As a fan of these team based hero games I'm all for it coming out on all consoles but i'm glad it's strictly on PC right now so they can fine tune everything and keep their priorities straight to make it a great game.

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