Inafune Did Not Say “Better Than Nothing” Japanese Interpreter Confirms

"Just when you think the dust has settled on the Mighty No. 9 drama, this happens. Rumors quickly spread that director, Keiji Inafune, stated during Mighty No. 9's launch stream that in its state the game "is better than nothing". But that's not how it went down."

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toutmanifik1477d ago

Too late. Backers are already pissed!! This is the " information super highway " and when you press enter before proof reading your material we the consumer will eat your ass alive if you cross us!!!

RashBandicoot1477d ago

Yup, that's the internet for you.

KentBenMei1475d ago

Well, aren't you an Internet tough guy? Taking pride in that herd mentality, I see. Channel that unbridled rage at Inafune because he didn't provide a 10/10 game with a finite budget while being rushed by impatient ingrates, thatta boy. Daddy might not have loved you, but by God, Inafune will regret releasing a 6.5/10 game upon the unsuspecting masses!

Dunban671475d ago

your kidding right? That or you must be related to Inafune- His Mom? The guy is a con man- he ripped off a lot of money from a lot of people who mistakenly put their trust in the guy
Inefune is laughing all the way to the bank

Jayszen1476d ago

Yes, but most people it seems are more comfortable believing that Inafune-san did say it because it justifies their behaviour. Look how many times EA, Ubisoft and Activision have abused gamers trust by releasing unfinished or unpolished games. What was their excuse? After all, these are multi-billion dollar companies which have the kind of resources Inafune-san can only dream of. Yet every year so many gamers will throw their money at the next product from these same companies and most likely have a similar experience.

I am not saying that what has happened is right - it isn't and ideally Inafune-san should have kept his promises about what to expect within manageable levels. But at least there is a playable game and there are many gamers who are actually enjoying it. What has happened is no worse than what happens every year with an Assassins Creed or a Battlefield game.

RashBandicoot1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I understand. We're all frustrated at how this project turned out, but I do feel like a lot of the hate has gone overboard to the point we're willing to believe anything. It also doesn't help how no one is bothering to judge the game for themselves. A lot of people on YouTube are now warming up to it.

Urbz78701476d ago

A guy by the name of Kevin Butler once said and I quote "You can't believe everything you read on the Internet".

deafdani1476d ago

What? You mean to tell me that internet lies????

opinionated1476d ago

I don't think there was anything he could say to make it better or worse. The proof is in the pudding.

Godmars2901476d ago

Aside from hire people with a better understanding of UE4.

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