PAX: Need For Speed: Undercover Gameplay

GameXtract writes "PAX may be over, but that does not mean that expo news has come to an end. Their are still lots of footage, timbits of news, and interviews that will be released over the following week. Today we have got a good first look look at an off-screen capture of Need For Speed: Undercover. We have seen previews, screenshots, and even the boxart, but what about some good video footage? Luckily Need For Speed: Undercover was at PAX this week, and many gamers got a chance to try it out. One gamer managed to pull out his camera, and capture a good minute or so of gameplay, and must I say that this game has got to be 10 times faster than any previous Need For Speed title. The rate at which this guy drives makes me wonder if I got the reflexes to compete in such a title."

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n4gzz3700d ago

can't tell how good it looks 'coz of quality of video but it is in my must buy list.

Fluffy2Duffy3700d ago

Yeah it is, and i find it hard to see the oncoming cars, maybe view change wil be better, oh does it have damage features?

Ghoul3700d ago

A need for speed title with an actual speed feeling ?

day one purchase

KyRo3700d ago

Need for Speed! fast!? Get in
Need for speed prostreet was terrible but this one now sounds like it has hope, fast gameplay, police and exotic cars included sounds like its a way back to its old form..Just hope its got a mix of exotic cars & sports cars and still have the option to kit them.

ar3700d ago

AmI the only one that thinks the fov is to exaggerated?

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The story is too old to be commented.