Bolivia Feels Alive In Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Turning what was a military tactical shooter into a more straight forward third person shooter may strike as treasonous to many old school fans of Ghost Recon, but it simply is the state of the industry that we cannot have a triple-A game that can’t appeal to the vast majority of gamers.

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Dabigsiebowski1822d ago

Yawn...I really hate saying this because I grew up with the franchises but Ubi has literally ruined the Tom Clancy games as a whole. All of them are now different types of games with just the Rainbow Six or Ghost Recon name plastered on it which is really a shame.

This game is literally nothing like Ghost Recon at all. Looks like a generic title in an already way over saturated market. The Coop is the only thing that seems to shine in this game but even then overall the game just looks too run of the mill. I haven't bought at Ubi game since Child of Light (mediocre) and it was the PoP remake before that. Never again will I touch a game from them until they figure out how to make appealing games again without the DLC reliance most of them depend on.

Surt1818d ago

Hey, Rainbow six siege is still bringing it. Tho everything else? Sucks.