Someone just re-created Jerry Seinfeld's apartment in Doom 2

Yes, someone has spent over 100 hours designing a replica set of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment into Doom 2.

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phoenixwing1816d ago

for those who don't read the article the characters are also in the mod and are killable with death animations. either someone really loved seinfeld or really hated it.

Null19801816d ago

Love how George yells "Serenity Now!" when he gets shot.

Kleptic1816d ago

yep, and jerry's 'Newman!'

Null19801816d ago

@kleptic Lol, that's great how he assumes it's Newman going postal on him... then Newman is actually across the hall at Kramer's, where you can shoot him too. Doom guy would be wearing his Doom mask, so it makes sense that Jerry didn't know the identity of the shooter. It's rather disturbing when you really think about it in the mass shooting kind of way.... but still silly enough to not be taken seriously and have a good laugh at.

coolbeans1816d ago

I'm guessing DOOM Guy's spare key privileges were revoked after this. ;)

Null19801816d ago

Doom guy proved to be the real Master of His Domain!

Ark_1816d ago

Someone was really bored, I guess.
I personally like my Doom2 and Seinfeld nostalgia separated, though ...

Kleptic1816d ago

Ah, idk...'93-'94 was when Seinfeld started to rearrange the TV industry, and Doom 1-2 was about as disruptive to gaming as anything in history...combining the 2 is wildly appropriate imo...

Null19801816d ago

Yea it may feel pointless to some (a waste of time), but this guys efforts managed to legitimately make me laugh, bringing back nostalgia of 2 things that were a big part of my life in the 90's. If this guy manages to make a handful of people smile who may be having a bad day,with no compensation motive.... I think that's pretty darn good thing. In an increasingly negative, angry world, it's good to see stuff like this. You get it. Kudos to him.

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