The best, worst, most disappointing and most surprising games of 2016 so far

FENIX Bazaar writes: We’re half-way through 2016, and it’s been a big year in gaming so far. Plenty of fantastic games, but certainly no shortage of disappointments.

We’re primed for a big second half of the year with the likes of Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and No Man’s Sky, to name a few, still set for release. We’ve had a blast so far in 2016 playing some of the best games this generation has to offer. However, in between some truly memorable experiences, there has been plenty of disappointments.

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andrewsquall2924d ago

Err this list is more like a list for E3 2015 and what those games turned out like.

Greyfoxdbz2924d ago

I think uncharted 4 gets more credit than it deserves. The gameplay was repetitive and boring for me but luckily the story and graphics held my attention until the end. I'm also quite sad about the lack of a supernatural element which had become a staple of the series.

Livecustoms2924d ago

whats your favourite uncharted ?

Greyfoxdbz2924d ago

I really loved 1 and 2. yourself?

Livecustoms2924d ago

@Greyfoxdbz hard to decide between 2 or 4. However i do agree Uncharted 1 is extremely underrated

WellyUK2924d ago

I agree but for me it's the story that pulls it back, it's just pointless. Gameplay is solid even if it only added 1 new mechanic with the grappling hook, the graphics are brilliant. But I do feel that it is a tad overrated like 3 was. 2 is still the best one for me.

KentBlake2924d ago

I agree with almost everything in this list, except with Quantum Break being one of the most disappointing games of 2016. Sure, it's not a masterpiece, but I still had a blast playing the game and watching the TV show.

giovonni2924d ago

I agree with you on that one, by far Quantum Break was a solid game. In my honest opinion, it is a sleeper hit and I saw the same kind of scrutiny with Alan Wake. People nitpicked, and over looked what the game did right. Honestly, to me for this generation, there was nothing more disappointing, nothing more heart breaking than Watch Dogs. I mean Jesus Abe Christ, everything from the bland environment, to the stale missions, the cheesy hacks, I mean it honestly makes me want to curse!

jcnba282924d ago

I was fairly disappointed with Uncharted 4. The game play was very boring, guess I preferred the more arcade-y feel of the previous games.

Relientk772924d ago

Ratchet & Clank was so wonderful. I was expecting it to be good, but it blew me away how great it really was


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CrimsonWing6941d ago

Alot’s changed in 25 years. We have games with $300 mill budgets, people not interested in games other than Fortnite and Minecraft, the older generation of gamers giving up the hobby or dying off, a period of super bad inflation where the industry decided to hike up prices on games, Gamepass harming game sales, GaaS games being pushed left and right with obnoxious monetization and worse looking/playing (Suicide Squad vs Arkham Knight).

The industry is just shite right now. Games ain’t selling, games cost massive amounts, businesses can’t bleed money and this is what happens. Part of it is on them and part of it is on consumers not buying.

Yi-Long41d ago

Consumers ain't buying because of what they're selling; There is no new SSX or Burnout, everything is now Online Required, everything is 'service', etc.

Indies are still delivering the goods, perhaps even better than ever, because those are often the guys and gals who know what they want to make and just make that and hopefully we dig it as well and support it ...

... but when you look at those multi-million budget AAA games, are they improving on what we have had before? Is the new Forza Motorsport better than a Forza Mototsport 4? Is Halo Infinite better than Halo 3? Is Dragon Age 2 such a huge improvement over the first Dragon Age? Etcetc.

Yeah, graphics have gotten better, worlds have gotten better, but I think a gaming generations stands or falls with diversity and experiences, and a few gens ago we had access to whatever we wanted, so if we wanted a boxing game we picked up one of the boxing games, if we wanted snowboarding we'd pick up one of the snowboarding games, if we wanted to do a rythm game we had DJ Hero, or Guitar Hero, or Rockband. If we wanted to sneak around we had Splinter Cell or MGS or whatever.

We had variety and we had options, and that makes or breaks a generation, imo. You're in a foodcourt of games and they're serving all kinds of different cuisines, and so you'd pick and choose whatever you felt like that day.

Right now, you're in a restaurant, and you're only allowed to pick from one menu, and there's a dress-code, and you have to register, and you have to stay in your seat, etc etc.


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