New video game Days Gone is first of its kind

It looks like The Last of Us. It has a lead character who's lost a lot, like The Last of Us. But it's not The Last of Us, at all.

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Saijahn1822d ago

It's a serious rendition of dead rising... nothing unique here but definitely looking forward to Days Gone.

DragonDDark1822d ago

No, not really. Did you see the gameplay? Or read the article?

verynaughtyboy1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I take his point. Both games are open world, third person, action games where you have to deal with enormous crowds of enemies. The skeleton you could say is identical, but it's how it's fleshed out that makes it different.

Dead Rising takes an over the top and spoofy approach, and it has never appealed to me; wheras Days Gone is more grounded in tone and gameplay and I am ridiculously excited for it. Sure, you can point out other differences, but I accept the comparison.

Saijahn1822d ago

did both, and as VNB said, the skeleton is identical. Have you played Dead Rising?

UltraNova1822d ago


Ok its a shameless copy cat, you are right. I also thought Sony devs had to re-invent the wheel with each new IP too.

*end sarcasm

Its as similar as each FPS game out there is to the other, in that sense.

We practically know nothing about this game so lets wait and see what it really is about.

Timesplitter141822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I don't see the connection with Dead Rising. Gameplay and atmosphere are completely different. It's way more like TLOU + Mad Max. Actually, I don't even think that really matters. Even TLOU can be described as "it's like X + Y but with Z". It's just that TLOU presented itself in an incredibly interesting way somehow, and Days Gone presents itself as yet another highly-produced but shallow third person shooter/adventure game

It's funny how because people's initial impression at E3 was "it looks cool but also a bit generic", now we're getting several passive-agressive "Days Gone is, like, SO ORIGINAL!" articles. You don't even get articles like this for games that are actually original. This just sounds like they're frustrated with people's opinions so they write an article to fight back

Roronoa04111822d ago

What? anyone could say any game looks generic. Im sure even the best games at E3 looked generic to some people. However for most people this game looked great and most of the interviews and articles were positive.

Genuine-User1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Let's generalise every game shall we.


Days gone is a game about defense and survival. You can use parts of the enviroment to disperse a swarm of freakers. Once in their sight, you must outrun and probably gun them if possible.

The world of Days Gone has extreme dynamic weather. One day, it could be 100 degrees, and the next day, it could be snowing. All of this affects how you play the game.

Sounds a lot like Dead Rising doesn't it?

Phar0ahad31822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Keep going the Freakers are not zombies there mutants...there are mutiple different kinds..they eat sleep and even drink water..they react different to different situations and they all have a very active AI unlike in other games were they all do the same stuff..

_-EDMIX-_1822d ago

? When did you play the final game to come to such a conclusion?

BrandanT1822d ago

Ha! That's the same argument people used to defend Zelda, and yet they were bashed for it. This site is ridiculous.

Phar0ahad31822d ago

or maybe he saw an interview because you know the devs (the people who made the game) did multiple interviews hours of them explaining there game..

_-EDMIX-_1822d ago

@phar- that's nice but an interview is not the entire game.

The similarities between this and Dead Rising or merely open-world a lot of enemies that is such a generalisation it could apply to many many games.

The enemies are not even the same type of zombie type lol

stuna11822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


By now you should know how this will go! Look at all the comparisons of practically every new Ip that Sony has ever shown and how many said they were nothing special and for many considered carbon copies of games that came before them.


Look at those same games, Examples; The Last of Us, Uncharted, Heavy Rain, etc. etc...

Those selfsame games didn't seem to hold the same consensus to the Industry and millions of other gamers and consumers that a select few seem to have on N4G. Meaning, The multitude of awards garnered by those games, and millions of people who purchased those same games speaks otherwise. I forsee nothing changing when it comes to this new Ip, even though little is known about it. The other games I listed encountered the same process.

All I see is a few envious individuals for lack of a better way to put it salty because the team they support are unable to formulate and come up with new gaming content on a consistent basis. So the next option left to them is downplay those who can.

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joab7771822d ago

I have to disagree. I am NOT a zombies fan. I don't watch The Walking Dead (I tried). I did like TLOU due to story, crafting, combat etc.

This game really interests me, but we will have to wait and see more. It can't simply be an un -ending wave of zombie always chasing you.

Never before, to my recollection have we seen so many enemies in an open world. Will it incorporate sneaking? Is the bike gonna garner attention all the time? Does just a tiny mistake result in chaos? This could be great. Imagine having to Travers environments covered in zombies, attempting to save someone without alerting them.

Will we have a multitude of options at our disposal. No offense, but I don't want it to be another Dead Rising, or mindlessly slaughtering unending zombie hordes. That's boring to me.

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Psychotica1822d ago

Man that really sucks we have to wait until next year. I was hoping by Christmas time this year, hopefully it's sooner than Christmas time next year.

Kreisen1822d ago

Im looking forward to the game but i hate articles like this. This guy says its the first of its kind yet when you read through the actual article there is absolutely nothing there to back up his claim.

Its different from the Last of Us? Yeah no shit..........

BrandanT1822d ago

A zombie game...first of its kind? :/

Pongwater1822d ago

Wow I've seen some huge oversimplifications on this site before, but yours is up there with the worst of them. We've had countless military FPSs, but that doesn't mean a military FPS can't be original.

They aren't zombies either, but when major gaming websites insist on calling them that despite what the developers say I can't blame you too much for being misinformed.

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