PSX Extreme: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "To fans of golf and golf games, there are two golf videogame franchises to care about: Hot Shots Golf and Tiger Woods PGA Tour. Nothing else has mattered for years now, as both games provide polished, deep, and superb experiences that other golf games just can't. For the gamer looking to have a bit more fun with his swing and take on fantasy courses, Hot Shots Golf has always offered proper simulation with eye-pleasing visuals. On the other hand, the hardcore golfer, looking for only the utmost in authenticity will usually pick up the PGA branded EA Sports game. For its 2009 iteration, Tiger Woods 09 gets a handful of new features.

New for '09 is a dynamic system that constantly enhances your players skills solely based on your performance, as opposed to solely relying on earning stat points, and such. For example, if you're swings are consistently on target, and you're able to consistently drive the ball deep, attributes tied to those skills will increase. Of course it's a lot more in-depth in the game than the example I gave, but you should get the point. Your golfer's skills will go up and down, depending on performance, with every round. The Dynamic Skills system is truly a fantastic effort."

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