What's your next console? Xbox One S vs PlayStation 4K vs Project Scorpio

According to Sony and Microsoft, the consoles coming this year are half-step measures that will bring more power without abandoning the current hardware. Scorpio, meanwhile, will represent a massive step up.

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Mrveryodd1824d ago

Have an xbox so its neo for me.... ) follow that with scorpio

darthv721823d ago

I don't have either. So (in order of release) it's the slim to start with Neo after and then when I'm ready... the Scorpio and possibly PS Trinity (PS5)

Mrveryodd1823d ago

love that name ... PS Trinity

UltimateMaster1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It depends which games you want to play. Which exclusive games you want to play.
On the PS4 side, you have God of War, Day's Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Nioh (from the creators of Ninja Garden, a fast pace Dark Soul-like game with Samurai), Final Fantasy VII Remake, Nier Automate, Star Ocean 5, Detroit Become Human, Spiderman, Yakuza 0 including games already released like Ratchet & Clank and Uncharted 4 and console exclusives like No Man's Sky (coming to PC Steam later)
Then we have all of the PS VR games like Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, Star Wars, Batman Arkham VR...

On Microsoft's side we have Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Scaleboumd, Sea of Thieves, Recore, Halo Wars 2, Dead Rising 4, all of them coming to PC.
There's also games already released like Halo 5 Guardian and Gears Remastered.

I know I am missing a lot on the PS4 (World of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Heroes/Builders......)
If I am missing any, please let me know.

WilliamSheridan1823d ago

PS Trinity sounds cool but makes no sense

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RSKnight1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )


The name PS "Trinity" actually makes a lot of sense. PSVR was called "Morpheus", then the upgraded PS4k/4.5 is being called "Neo", so I guess darthv72 is about right with PS5 being called "Trinity".

Fez1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Trinity - the three persons of the Christian Godhead
Unless you want to shoe-horn in the number 3 somewhere, PS5 being called PS Trinity makes no sense. Morpheus (dreams) is related to VR. Neo means new. Trinity has no link to PS5.

FATHASUN1823d ago

@ Fez more like the 3 Entities of the Christian belief system. The Father GOD, The Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus being the only one that may be considered a person.

As far as Trinity is concerned I can now see where he can from with the name. Derived from he Matrix

FATHASUN1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@ Fez, More like the 3 Entities of the Christian belief system. The Father GOD, The Son Jesus and The Holy Spirit. Jesus being the only one that can be considered a person.

As far as Trinity is concerned I can now see where that is coming from. Derived from the Matrix Movies.

But still don't see that happening. As code names maybe. Morpheus did change to PSVR after all.

MurDocINC1822d ago

I have no interest in xbone since I got a high end PC.
I got a PS4 which plays games just fine so I don't see the need for neo yet.
So most likely it's going to be a Nintendo NX with Zelda.

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Eonjay1823d ago

Neo for me too but I am still waiting to see if the new console is really worth the upgrade. I still get to play the same games on PS4 and they are plentiful and they look great.

For me its only responsible to weigh the cost against what they are offering versus what I already have. Choices are great especially when you are already prepared to play the best games and new VR tech coming to the market.

I feel no pressure.

No Way1823d ago

I agree. I've yet to pick up a PS4, sadly. But, if it's not much better in specs, cost much more or at least doesnt look nicer, then I'll just pick up an original ps4.

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Goldby1823d ago


Neo is for 4k media. Sonys launching 4k vue this year..

Justlike the xbox one s is for 4k media

daynnight3651823d ago

Round of applause to you sir for exercising patience and restraint.
I still have an issue with these midcycle consoles, it's a jagged pill for me

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Aceman181823d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Neither my regular PS4 is still doing a damn good job


Yes I know each game will come with the Neo mode in them but if I'm playing on my standard ps4 it means I won't be playing in Neo mode which I'm totally fine with.

Flowingwind1822d ago

Right and there will be no exclusives for the PS4 Neo. The PS4 Neo will have settings for enhanced resolution for PS4 games almost like a gaming pc.

Bigpappy1823d ago

I want the monster. It is the only thing that really excited me at E3. I am still smiling.

arkard1823d ago

@William..... Because Sony is naming their projects after Matrix characters.... Morpheus for VR, Neo for Ps4k, Trinity makes sense for ps5

Benchm4rk1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I'm the same. Have an Xbox One. Already preordered the Neo as Ive wanted a PS4 for a while now but held off once the Neo Rumors started circulating. Will only buy an Xbox One S when they give us a Black Option and then will buy a Scorpio next hopefully at launch. My most anticipated game from E3 was Spiderman so I definitely need the Neo in my life :)

Christopher1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

How do you pre-order something that doesn't exist and isn't even priced for pre-order?

Benchm4rk1823d ago


EB games in Australia do pre orders for Consoles as soon as they are confirmed. The moment Andrew House confirmed Neo I was able to pre order. Same thing happened with the Xbox One. Before official pricing for Australia was released they had a default pricing of $999 AUD on their system for it and I was able to pre order.

starrman19851823d ago

For me probably Neo, then I will just get a new graphics card for my Xbox needs. It depends though, I am very interested to see what sort of results they can get out of such a powerful console.

WiiU-Dude1823d ago

All of them for me, plus the NX. And I already have WiiU, XB1 and PS4.

Docknoss1823d ago

Scorpio, probably get 4 of them. 2 for my son's and one for the wife and one for me.

rainslacker1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I'm not really keen on getting either myself. But might get Neo if it's a reasonably priced UHD player coming out this year. UHD would be my only reason for buying one right now. MS I am just disillusioned with because there are so few games to play on the system that interest me, and my current X1 should suffice for the few that I want to play. Scorpio might be worth it, but I"m not too fond of this idea of MS jumping the gun on the next gen so early, since they have a bad habit of dropping support rather quickly. Sony I have a little more faith in with Neo, at least in terms of legacy support, but even then, I'm not too keen on the idea of short console cycles, no matter how much they try to convince me that the legacy hardware will get the same games.

I'm just skeptical of new paradigms that change a 40 year old paradigm that wasn't really in need of fixing.

So, who knows. Maybe stand alone UHD players will come down to a reasonable price considering there isn't anything in them that isn't in any standard blu-ray player outside an HDMI control chip. Not a fan of price gouging either.

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StifflerK1824d ago

I'm gonna give the X1s and Neo a miss and get a new PC this year.
I'll most definitely get the Scorpio and the next Playstation that does 4k gaming.

daynnight3651823d ago

If u get a new pc I don't get buying scorpio whatsoever. Like at all. Zero sense being made here

StifflerK1823d ago

My PC is pretty much on it's last legs so I figured now is a good a time as any.
I use it mainly for work, I play indie horror games on it sometimes. I promised myself I'd get something capable of VR when I do upgrade (for VR indie horror games.)
I do most of my gaming on consoles, I'm probably a little paranoid about software conflicts and stuff messing up my work (it's happened a few times in the past.) I'm not that clued up on the technical side so for me it's something I try to avoid.

Being able to share games and hardware like Oculus across the PC/Scorpio seems like a nice feature.
I'm happy with the PS4 and X1 for now, but the upgrade to native 4k consoles seems like a sizable jump in power worth investing in.

Babadook71823d ago

Agreed. Seems like the decision next year is Scorpio vs PC. This year it's Neo vs Xbox one S. Not much of a decision in either case.

ScorpiusX1824d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Xbox One S then a Xbox Scorpio when released

@MagicBeanz a waste to who exactly , these purchase are not considered a waste . They are purchase I allow myself to purchase with my hard earned money .

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Xavior_Reigns1823d ago

Waste of cash if you ask me but do as you will. Scorpio sounds better but you know PS5 will be around the corner as well...

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MagicBeanz1823d ago

@ Zeref, WHAT? They already launched the NEO when was this, no one ever tells me anything. Hasn't launched yet bud. The "medicinal" weed must be getting to you.

ScorpiusX1823d ago

No problem my Scorpio will suffice till the next Xbox console release after it , so am good till then .

TheCommentator1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Are you serious, Magic Beans? It's pretty clear he's saying that in 4 years, Neo would have launched already, not that Neo is already out. Sheesh.

Truthfully though, if Sony is putting out Neo just 3 years into PS4's life cycle it would stand to reason that 3 years from holiday 2016 there will be a PS5 to replace it.

Goldby1823d ago

@Zeref, Sonty already stated that the neo isn't affecting the lifcycle of the PS4 and that the Neo is a high end PS4. traditional life cycles are 5 years on average. 2018 is when we will see the PS5. and in computer components. 1 year can make a huge differnce

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Babadook71823d ago

Scorpio will be worse. Sure Microsoft will be able to up the power a bit but you will never actually be able to notice the difference if you have the Neo. And it will be more expensive, come out far later and have fewer games without any exclusives. And sell worse.

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Juiceid1823d ago

Yep. I'd rather triple dip on the Xbox, even double dip on the ps4, than get the next Nintendo.

vega2751824d ago

I'm definitely getting the scorpio when it release. I have a 65 inch 4ktv so this would go great with it. Plus I wouldn't have to spend on pc part just to play oculus. I just hope they allow other VR devices to play on it also like HTC vive.

I still say many that aren't computer savy in building their own rigs. But want the oculus rift would buy the scorpio. Instead of buying a vr capable pc for $1500.

DashArrivals1823d ago

It will be cheaper to build a PC of the same power as Scorpio dude. I have a 75" UHD 4K beast of a TV.

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Name Last Name1823d ago

But that GTX1070 will be cheaper when Scorpio arrives.

Software_Lover1823d ago

Um no. You're looking at "minimum" $1000 for an all new PC build.

1823d ago
Nolando1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

@timotim & Software_Lover
SSSSSSH... Let the master race live in their fantasy land where a $300 dollar computer comes with better graphical capabilities than a scorpio or even a NEO...

And on top of that. those monster gaming computers magically build themselves so even dummies can do it!!!! :D /s

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