Ghostbusters Video Game Bundle Will Come With a Copy of the Movie

Activision and Sony are offering a package that pairs the new Ghostbusters film with the tie-in video game.

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-Foxtrot1824d ago

Lol they are that desperate to get the film out there

Hoffmann1823d ago

Lol at the weirdos who downvoted your comment

annoyedgamer1824d ago

The film must really be flopping hard.

NecoTehSergal1823d ago

A bad game that comes with a notoriously bad movie. I mean.... I'm a masochist and I love Dark Souls, but I'm not 'that' into torturing myself.

KentBenMei1822d ago

If the Trophies are easy and the game is free, then maybe I'll check it out...IF I can get a version without the movie, lol.