Vivendi has increased its stakes in Ubisoft to 20.1%, continues to edge towards takeover

Vivendi, a French multinational mass media company, have issued a statement regrading its impending take over of Ubisoft.

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Lonnie181823d ago

How many shares do they need to take Ubisoft over? Wow this clearly describes the old idiom"I got a monkey on my back!"

Goldby1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

It all depends on how much the Guillemot brothers hold in ubisoft. If they own 22% venvendi needs 23 to begin pushing them out if they get the board to follow their path

Gh05t1823d ago

Well a complete takeover would be 50.01% of the voting shares. Right now they hold 20% of the company but only 17% voting rights which for a large public company is still a very large amount.

TheColbertinator1823d ago

Ouch. The end approacheth for Ubisoft

ScorpiusX1823d ago

Hope ubisoft find away to keep these POS at bay , Ubisoft don't need their shit .

Blank1823d ago

I am sincerely worrying and keeping up on this they used to own Activision until it got enough money to buy its freedom. If we think UBI of today is bad which in reality is nothing compared to other pubs, with Vivendi making the calls they soon will be.