Failbetter Says ‘Representation is Everything,’ Updates Fallen London Gender Options

J Station X: Failbetter Games says that 'representation is everything' in gaming. The developer also updates Fallen London's gender and pronoun options.

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Cy1824d ago

Wrong, entertainment is everything. If you're using your game to push a social agenda chances are your game probably isn't very fun.

Judochopjames1824d ago

Focusing on equal representation is pushing a social agenda? Yeah, you're a disgusting person.

annoyedgamer1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

There are 2 genders. Anything else is a medical condition. Source: Biology/evolution. Shall we create autistic characters as well? And I realize this is a bit of an extreme example but what of pedophiles? Pedophilia is known to be a mental disorder among the medical community. They would be of the same nature. Where does the line get drawn?

Not that it matters because nobody knows who these guys er gals err squids are anyways.

It may even be possible to make a game about autism, though I doubt it would be welcomed by all or would it be more than a novelty for those looking to to experience what a person with autism experiences.

In any case, they are free to do as they wish (I am not an SJW) and I support freedom of expression. I will also exercise my freedom to avoid the company in the future and I doubt I will be missing out on much as their focus is on SJW issues and not on making actual games.

opinionated1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

He's not disgusting, he's a realist. Equal representation in itself is a form of activism. You want your "type" whatever the fuck that is "represented" in your video games. What does that have to do with games or even stories? You not connecting with characters is your own damn problem. I don't have to be a little Asian girl to connect with clementine.

What do you gain by having your whatever represented in the game? Do you feel fluffy inside when you see someone like you in the game? You're an intolerant fool and an idiot.

vavava1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Alright, cool, I won't buy or show support for any games with a protagonist that's female or a different race then I am. I don't feel represented.

annoyedgamer1824d ago

This entire group is based on social agendas, this is right up their ally so no sense whining about it.

Judochopjames1824d ago

Why shouldn't video games represent people from all different walks of life? Are heterosexual white males somehow inherently more entertaining than other parts of society? Until anyone here can cogently explain how making a game that equally represents the types of people who play video games is pushing a social agenda, you're just talking out of your ass. Here's a hint: What's coming out of your ass is a bunch of xenophobic bullshit.

Timesplitter141824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

- Giving equal representation to everyone doesn't affect entertainment value at all.
- "Pushing an agenda" and "fighting for a cause" are the same thing. It is never wrong if the agenda is good. People who don't push agendas are either boring or cowards.
- You're just having an immature little reaction and the entire universe knows this. YOU know this

SoulMikeY1824d ago

Giving "equal representation" is not wrong, but when somebody makes comments like this, they usually don't care about video games and just want to annoy us with their agenda. Entertainment should NEVER be a platform for ANY agenda, right or wrong. Creativity suffers when this extremely loud minority of SJWs harass developers about creatively redundant topics.

Timesplitter141824d ago

Why would you assume they don't care about video games?
Why do you people keep using the word "agenda" like it a bad thing?
Why shouldn't Entertainment be a platform for agendas?
Why do you assume it's supposed to be purely entertainment in the first place?

opinionated1824d ago

There will never be equal anything but opportunity. A studio like this has the right and opportunity to push their agenda. I didn't buy far cry 4 when the developers started sharing their thoughts on issues like these. Honesty, transparency, discussion and debate. I'm not against that at all.

It's not disgusting, bigoted, racist or sexist to think these people are full of shit with fucked up priorities. If a character is good it doesn't matter what they are. Period. If characters become some token political statement like far cry 4 to hit a quota for the nutjob egalitarian "equal" representation. Yeah, that starts taking away from stories IMO.