Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter

“Congrats on the launch, @MightyNo9!

It's better than nothing.”

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GigawattConduit1821d ago

Really hopes this just becomes a back and forth between the two when Sonic's next game inevitably sucks.

Orejillz1821d ago

LOL, if only Sonic had a good game in recent years...

The 10th Rider1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Generations? Colours? Even Lost Worlds wasn't terrible. Sonic Boom was atrocious, but made by a different developer. Two good games and one okay game out of the last three, from the main Sonic Team, isn't bad at all.

wonderfulmonkeyman1820d ago

Yeah, Sega doesn't have much room to talk after Sonic Boom.

But then again, who better to talk, than someone who's experienced in it?XD

The 10th Rider1820d ago

And with the way N4G has been lately, this could hit the top of the front page and still nothing would be done.

Deadpooled1820d ago

Yeah at this rate both this and the one in the link could be side by side

DragonDDark1820d ago

It's probably members of the site or something approving these submissions

DragonDDark1820d ago

Please report stories going against submitting rules.

The 10th Rider1819d ago

I've done it before and encouraged others to do the same. Even when a story has three reports, all with agrees and no disagrees, the same stories have hit the front page. It's been a huge problem since the update.

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The story is too old to be commented.