Sony agrees to pay millions to gamers to settle PS3 Linux debacle

As many as 10 million PS3 console owners will be eligible for payment.

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Mrveryodd2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Linux was the number one reason i bought a PS3 , so i was one who was ripped by Sony who charged me $700au for my PS3 ........and that is one of the reasons i dont own a PS4

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Erik73572651d ago

Congratulations you can get like 50 bucks now

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hay2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

It's hard to believe those wankers that say they bought PS3 for the Linux. Seriously, what were they thinking? They could have twice as powerful Intel at that time if they wanted something that will be supported.

Don't get offended, but I call bullshit. Even if you did bought it for Linux, it's still bullshit reasoning unless you wanted to build relatively cheap clusters. And even then, you shouldn't update it. Wasn't that obvious?

People like that slow down evolution for everyone else. We could have an AAA game with that budget.

darthv722651d ago

I never used the other OS as much as some I know but either way it sucked when it was removed. I understand that they did not forsee someone using it as an exploit but to tout features as a way to entice consumers and then remove them... it happens.

Instead of them requiring some sort of proof why not Sony just offer up a free game to PS3 users? People who still have active PSN and Ps3's should be able to choose a game from a certain selection. I still use my PS3 and Sony can check my activity if they need to to see my system is registered and in use.

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Bruh2651d ago

I'll take it! That's a game right there :)

Mrveryodd2650d ago (Edited 2650d ago )

@fries ;
you dont know me , your opinion about what hapend to me is worth nothing , if you look at my comment history you will see i am not biased against any game machine ...... also i get shit as i live is Australia and dont have a psn account , you had no choice but to update the ps3 as soon as you stuck a game in the drive assuing you wanted to play that game it forced you to update .

CorndogBurglar2650d ago

If he's lucky. Usually the people in these big cases are lucky to get $15.

D2K2650d ago

Hey, it's enough to buy a game!!

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nitus102651d ago

You must have got 40GB PS3 since the 60GB PS3 in Australia was AU$999. The 60GB model (which I still have and it still works) also had considerably more features than the 40GB model.

As far as the "Other OS" feature you could have kept it if you did not bother to install the update which removed it.

Hands up all those who actually made use of the "OtherOS" feature. ...... Crickets!

yeahokwhatever2651d ago

I guess that makes me a cricket. :-/ Seriously, 2006 is hard to remember, but if you take yourself back and really think, the internet was full of articles about interesting things to use the other OS feature for. It was a major let down for tons(thousands) of people that they either had to pick between updating and playing newer games, or not updating to keep other OS but get stuck with compatible games.

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NecoTehSergal2651d ago

Can't blame Sony, blame the coders and hackers, they found loopholes in it and ruined it for others. It was them that made Sony go back on their decision to include Linux, it's because of modders like them that we don't have nice things and that companies make their products more restricting to avoid these things. If Modders hasn't dug around Linux and advertised how they found a loophole to hack and mod PS4 then Linux would've stayed.

yeahokwhatever2651d ago

yep. :-( I'm ultimately glad that this made playstation stay a console instead of go the route of becoming a hackable mess by being too PC-like, but it still sucks they had to remove the feature. It was a selling point for me.

NarooN2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I call BS on all the people saying they bought a PS3 for Linux. On the PC landscape, Linux users make up less than 1% of the total users. It's a super niche subset of the PC userbase. You might go on forums and see quite a few people using Linux or talking about it, but then you have to remember the fact that even THIS site is a super niche subset of "gamers" if you will, and thus we are just a loud minority.

OtherOS was a niche feature that was there because they were marketing the PS3 as the ultimate multi-media machine when it first launched, instead of the ultimate gaming console. It was depicted as the home luxury electronics device to end them all, with them focusing on the Blu-ray and technical aspects more than they were gaming.

Using Linux on PS3 would've been something hobbyists would do just for shits & giggles, just like Net Yaroze and Linux for PS2 before it. Literally nobody but the most insane madman would claim to buy one with the intent on it being their main system or using it do their most of their coding. Absolutely absurd.

Mrveryodd2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I owened an Amiga 4000 at the time .... and to this day i have not watched a fn blu ray ...... i go to the movies use emule and now mostly Netflix .... and as an Amiga user yes we were considerd hobbists

Angeljuice2651d ago

If Linux was "the number one reason" to buy a PS3, you would have bought a PC.

Nobody bought a PS3 to run Linux.

Kribwalker2651d ago

But maybe they bought a more expensive PS3 instead of a 360 because of the Linux feature

Criti-Choco2651d ago

@Kribwalker ..... yaaaaaaah...... no

People wanted the pricier models for things like backward compatibility and storage, not LINUX. more than 9/10ths of the user base probably didn't even know LINUX was a thing until they mentioned it.

TheCommentator2650d ago

Why not? It's not like PS3 had any games to play for the first two years anyways. People were so bored they used their PS3's to map the human genome and stuff. #Folding@Home

gamerswin242651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

they charged you 700 because at that time a standalone blu ray player was like 700 u.s. dollars which in other European countries would be alot more. Not only that Ps3 innovated in many areas with first console to offer first true real 3D, 7.1 Surround Sound and other things other consoles did not have and later added to their systems. I never understood why ppl say it was overpriced, it wasn't overpriced for what it was offering (%hit it was a gd deal) but it was too expensive for alot of ppl and that is where Sony messed up.

Now i agree if they sold their console offering specific major features and that is taken away gamers should definitely be recompensed so i agree with this ruling.

ShaunCameron2650d ago

But it was too cheap for Sony as they lost $240 per console sold. If anything, the PS3 was too powerful for its own good.

MaxedOutGamer2651d ago

You bought a gaming console for the sole purpose of using Linux? I'm guessing you threw it away when the feature was removed.....

LackTrue4K2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

If you believe you're self that crap. You must be a steam machine owner!
And as you can see now a feature like that is not gana sell much or is important.

mrkbizzle2651d ago

Awesome dude, u spoke up wit d wallet. Proud of u son...

2pacalypsenow2651d ago

Why not just build a cheap Pc to tun it??

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yeahokwhatever2651d ago

yeah, the internet was ripe with fun things the ps3 had potential for with linux on the ps3. I used it myself. Its actually why I got the 60gb version. More space for the other OS, plus the card readers seemed important for that. I'm kinda happy even as a playstation fan that they're being penalized for this BS.

ps4joel2651d ago

funny guy if you really wont linux stop crying and get your self a pc lol .

Mrveryodd2650d ago

OK Linux was not number one reason , games were but it was a close second , at the end of the day who gives ashit as i know i will get nothing from sony as i dont live in the US ..... what pissing me off is you get attacked at this fucking site for saying a small comment about god damm playstation .... fuck off

FamilyGuy2650d ago

As I recall, there were people buying tons of PS3s and connecting them in clusters to make "cheap supercomputers" with that Linux functionality. It was rumored to be the (actual) reason why Sony removed the functionality and part of the reason why the games purchased attach rate was so low when compared to the 360. Something about the power to price ratio made the PS3 a cheap option so those saying people could just have bought/built a computer are wrong.


donthate2650d ago

Yup, exactly!

Well, that and apart from the fact that a large portion of people initially bought the overpriced PS3 as a cheap blu-ray player. At the time, a standalone blu-ray player cost almost double the PS3, and the PS3 was better at playing Blu-Ray!

So the user base of PS3 was heavily inflated by non-gamers and this cost Sony a lot of money. In fact, overall the PS3 lost more money than PS2 and PS1 combined profits.